5 Napkin Burger: A Preview

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Photo by Riki Altman
How much cloth would we have to sacrifice?
Could the Original 5 Napkin burger really live up to its name? Short Order had to know. So we stopped by the restaurant on Lincoln Road, named for the aforementioned entree and slated to open Thursday, demanding a bite of the star selection... along with some onion rings, sushi, a veggie burger, and fried pickles and pastrami. The kitchen staff gladly obliged.

First the Original 5 Napkin burger. Though we barely needed one napkin to dab at our lips, this was a sloppy sandwich, indeed. Check out the stretchy gruyere, caramelized onions, and gooey rosemary aioli. Chef Andy D'Amico told us he cooks his patties on the griddle, but we still got a nice char-grilled flavor.

Photo by Riki Altman
Then we had to try the veggie burger since so few local restos know how to make an edible version. We were a bit shocked at its raspberry hue, but found the combination of mushrooms, lentils, carrots, wheat berries, and zucchini to be quite tasty. The downside? It's nearly impossible to eat without a fork or spoon. We vote for a name change to 10 Napkin & Spork Veggie Burger.

Photo by Riki Altman
Photo by Riki Altman
The cornmeal-crusted onion rings were absolutely delish! Not only did they offer a satisfying ​crunch combined with a steaming hot center, but the blue cheese sauce they came with was other-worldly. We'd take a pass on the 5N sauce that also accompanies the order, but perhaps you'll disagree.

Sushi at a burger joint? We found it odd, too, but D'Amico made believers of us. This Southwestern roll, yellowtail, cilantro, chayote, and scallion wrapped in soy paper and topped with jalepeno and tobiko was quite satisfying.

Photo by Riki Altman
And finally, the most unusual offering on the menu: the deep fried pickles and pastrami. Served atop Alsatian-style sauerkraut, this strange combination was actually quite fun to ingest. Granted, just about anything deep fried is damn good, but the combination of salty pastrami with the sweet bread and butter pickles touched with spicy mustard oil and the slight snap from the sauerkraut gave us a giggle.&

Photo by Riki Altman
Next time we'll tackle one of those adult milkshakes and a brownie sundae. For now we're just thankful we don't have to wash all these dishes.

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5 Napkin Grill

455 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

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Pao Zuniga
Pao Zuniga

The decor of the restaurant is very cool and upscale. Staff was nice too, BUT...it was opening day and not even the management had the decency to come up and greet their patrons, the tower of corn meal onion rings looked more like the first floor of the tower (appetizer, not side item).  Also, no happy hour when all surrounding restaurants have happy hours.  The beers are over priced as well.  Overall, the taste and quality of the food was what saved the day, but with today's competitive market and with amount of burger places that have opened this one is sub par and has room for improvement. 


I went last night for the Grand Opening, i was expecting a 5 guys style joint. i was SUPER surprised to see how nice the place was. (i was forwarded your article today). I ordered the 5 napkin burger and seasoned fries. When my food was brought over they "accidently" also brought us an order of the onion rings. THANK YOU god! Between the amazing 5NB, onion rings and the seasoned fries, i thought i had died and gone to heaven. THIS is the reason i love burgers! My personal believe is that everyone should have a bite of this burger before they die. 

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