Lime Fresh Mexican Sues Lime Truck: Lime vs. Lime

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Our sister publication, OC Weekly, broke the news that Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, the Miami-based chain that's slowly taking over South Florida with nine locations and more to come, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Irvine California's Lime Truck.

It all started when The Lime Truck was in Miami to tape the finale of The Great Food Truck Race. While Lime Truck owners Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob were busy trying to win the race by attempting to outsell Cleveland's HodgePodge Truck, they apparently caught the attention of Lime executives.

According to the lawsuit filed on June 10 in South Florida District Court, The Lime Truck parked within one mile of a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill on June 4, parked "just yards" from a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill on June 5, and parked within two miles from the restaurant on June 6.

The lawsuit also claims trademark infringement, stating that Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has obtained a U.S. trademark for "LIME", "LIME and Design" and "LIME FRESH MEXICAN GRILL" for use in connection with "take out restaurant services and restaurant services."

Tha's funny, because we didn't know you could trademark a fruit. Not only that, but when we Googled "Lime Restaurant Florida," we came up with quite a few. There's:

The Lime in Tampa
Old Key Lime House in Lantana
Lime Leaf Restaurant in Jacksonville

And probably 90 percent of restaurants in Key West have the word "Lime" in it, like:

Kermit's Key Lime Shop
Key West Key Lime Pie Company

Here is the full lawsuit:

Lime Suit

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Just Me
Just Me

What a crock of $hit!!!!!


Just another example of America slip sliding in to third worldism...


Lime fresh serves garbage sudo quasi so called Mexican food Mexicans should sue them for calling it Mexican and the public is dumb enough to patronize LF for them to build 9 of these fucked up shit serving restaurants I urge Mexicans to revolt and have them take Mexican out of there name it's a insult to every Mexican this food is based solely on the fact that fat ass Americans don't know shit about real Mexican Food!!

Lame Fart American Shit Grill has a nice ring to it!!

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

It's worthwhile to note that the "LIME" trademark for their take-out business and that butt-ugly logo weren't accepted by the USPTO until after the Lime Truck had started up, and that neither item was filed as a national application.

Barron Sherer
Barron Sherer

We can refer to the local based chain as "Lame" to avoid confusion.

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