Sarah Palin and Donald Trump's Summit: Goose Liver and Lilly White Pizza

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Trump and Palin: taking cheesy politics to a whole new level.
During a New York City stop along her bus tour, Sarah Palin met with Donald Trump in what could be deemed either reality show heaven or political reality hell.

During the meeting, they chowed down at Famous Famiglia Pizza in Times Square (part of a chain of 30-odd pizzerias with one goal in mind - feed tourists overpriced quick food disguised as a real New York pizza experience). The duo had a nice quiet chat over cheese and pepperoni pizzas -- just them, a few family members and dozens upon dozens of members of the press.

It's unclear what they discussed -- did Trump try to recruit Palin for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice? Did Palin try to recruit Trump for a Palin/Trump presidential ticket? Did they agree that they should have gone to the Original Ray's down the block?

We may never know what went on exactly, but what we do know is that to order a cheese or pepperoni pizza is so unimaginative. If these people want to take a shot at leading our country out of its current mess, they're going to have to be more creative.

We enlisted the help of Chef Ivo Mazzon of Joey's Italian Cafe in Wynwood in dreaming up pizzas that really match the personalities of Palin and Trump. Here's what he came up with:

The Sarah Palin

A pizza with light buffalo mozzarella cheese as a salute to the American frontier. Sundried local tomatoes, capers and broccoli rabe to add a little zest. Topped with smoked salmon as a salute to her home state of Alaska, with a generous portion of foie gras added at the very end.

The Donald Trump

A white pizza without any sauce, topped with truffle oil, caviar and 24-karat gold flakes (which are apparently edible). Why? Because Trump is the only one who can afford a pizza like that.

Chef Ivo then volunteered to make the pizzas for Palin and Trump (gold, truffle oil and caviar included) anytime.

If you're reading this, Sarah and Donald, we invite you to hop on the 'ole campaign family vacation bus (because all families take their summer vacations on a bus custom wrapped with the Pledge of Allegiance) and try a real Presidential pizza. In Miami. We promise to bring cameras.

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Palin referred to her slice as "the best New York pizza I ever had". It's the best New York City pizza you ever had you ditz! Then to round out this cast of idiots, Trump ate his slice with a knife and fork! What a bunch of morons!


who wants to read this nonsense? I'm starting to really agree with Chowfather.  You are a colossal waste of time. I wouldn't quit your day job

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