Yelpers Parody Takes On Volunteer Restaurant Reviewers (Video)

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Yelp? Help!
Yelp started as a great way to spread the word on favorite restaurants and insider tips (ask for the veal, not generally on the menu or the waiter will bring you sparkling water at no extra charge).

We laughed at and loved the reviews, but sometimes it seemed like Yelpers took their jobs a little too seriously (considering that Yelping is not really a job, it frankly got us a little bit concerned).

That's why we busted a gut watching this Funny or Die Yelpers parody. In it, Tricia and Johanna walk into City Cafe and proceed to Yelp about everything from the sticky door ("yelping") to last night's sunset ("took too long to see") to Johanna's own apartment ("weird smell, cat not attentive").

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That creature looks like one of my dogs!

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