America's Best Bites Films at Miami's Favorite Restaurants (Photos)

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Richard Hales
Sakaya Kitchen's Bulgogi Burger gets ready for a close-up.
America's Best Bites, the new Tribune Broadcasting food and travel show, has been caught filming segments of their show all around Miami.

The crew has been around town filming at Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, The Rolling Stove food truck, La Camaronera, Buena Vista Bistro, and Fratelli Milano this past week.

Yesterday, the crew caught up with Sakaya Kitchen's Richard Hales to feature his bulgogi burger as part of their search for America's best burger.

Natalie Forte, one of the show's hosts, was on hand to enjoy Richard Hale's meaty creation, interview restaurant guests and pretty much gush over Hales's food. The crew filmed from about 4 to 9 p.m., with Forte even drawing hearts with Sakaya's spicy mayonnaise.

America's Best Bites will premiere sometime in September and can be seen locally on WSFL Channel 39. We'll keep you posted on when you can see our favorite local chefs on the small screen. For now, take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoots.

Host Natalie Forte enjoys Sakaya Kitchen's food with a patron while cameras roll.
Sakaya Kitchen guests filmed for the new show America's Best Bites.
fratelli milano.jpg
America's Best Bites
Chef Roberto Bearzi schools host Natalie Forte in the kitchen.
michaelsgenuine natalie.jpg
America's Best Bites
MGFD Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith with Natalie Forte.
America's Best Bites
Buena Vista Bistro gets a visit from America's Best Bites
la camaronera natalie.jpg
America's Best Bites
La Camaronera's David Garcia shows host Natalie Forte how to clean a fish.
America's Best Bites
The Rolling Stove's Troy Thomas and host Natalie Forte serve up burgers.
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