Anthony Bourdain Drives a Red Corvette, Eats Colombianos

bourdain miami corvette.jpg
Photos by Laine Doss
Tony Bourdain leaves the scene in a red Corvette
Though it might be no secret that Anthony Bourdain is in Miami to shoot his new Travel Channel show, 24-Hour Layover, the production crew wanted the exact shooting locations to remain a secret.

Unfortunately, Eater scooped the location of last night's dinner shoot, which was to be De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean. Bourdain tweeted on his official NoReservations Twitter account: "the publicity has made the kind of shoot we wanted impossible."

bourdain miami staff.jpg
La Perrada de Edgar staff (L-R) Paola Ardila, Edgar Gomez, and Laura Sofia Guzman
Short Order found out Bourdain's lunch plans (but we didn't share them with our readers until Tony was long gone). The mystery place: La Perrada de Edgar on 69th Street and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.

Unlike some Bourdain shoots, the restaurant -- which features 21 types of Colombianos (Colombian hot dogs) -- was closed to the public during filming. We did get a chance to see Tony speeding away from the scene in a red convertible Corvette, looking cool despite the Miami heat.

Just what did Tony eat during the filming? According to Laura Sofia Guzman, niece of owner Edgar Gomez, he ordered a lot of different Colombianos, but she was asked not to disclose the exact dogs before the show airs, sometime in November.

bourdain miami dog.jpg
The Super Edgar, topped with mozzerella, shrimp, crab, sauce and potato chips. Did Tony eat this?
One hint for Short Order readers: Tony tried what has to be the most unique Colombiano in the restaurant -- the Edgar Special, which tops the sausage with mozzarella cheese, pineapple, blackberry, plum, special sauce, and whipped cream ($5.50). To find out what Bourdain thought of the whipped-cream-topped dog, we'll have to stay tuned.

Oh, and where is he dining tonight? We'll never tell.

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La Perrada De Edgar

6976 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Lars Ekland
Lars Ekland

I saw Layover miami last night, so far its my favorite episode. I went out this morning and bought the ingredients to make Edgar's Colombiano - including the potato stix. I gotta go to La Perrada de Edgar this summer.


Little Miss Laine, out there gettin' it done!


Laine finally had a Bourdain sighting!! Birthday present!!!


Tony is who I want to be when I grow up...

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