Behind the Scenes With Michael Schwartz on the Today Show

Photo by Jackie Sayet
Yesterday we brought you video of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink's Michael Schwartz on the Today show, and now we bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

Chef Schwartz prepared two dishes: caramelized onion dip with fresh-cut potato chips and his homemade ricotta crostini with apricot-thyme jam. Unfortunately, Schwartz wasn't given enough time to complete the second dish, even with host Natalie Morales's attempts at stretching the clock. Fret not, fans, you can consult your trusty Michael's Genuine Food cookbook (or Today's website) for detailed recipes of the day's dishes.

Good TV is all about planning. Don't forget to water the flowers.

Photo by Jackie Sayet
The crew prepares the set while Schwartz tries to find his shirt.

Photo by Jackie Sayet
Schwartz and food stylist Bianca Henry, deep in concentration, prep the thick-cut potato chips.

Photo by Jackie Sayet
And... action! Looks like Schwartz found his shirt just in time.

Photo by Jackie Sayet
The magic of TV -- if only it were that easy.

Photo by Jackie Sayet
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