Our Five Favorite Restaurants that Didn't Make Best Of Miami: Coral Gables Edition

A meal fit for the undead.
This year, the rising took over Miami, and while brains were obviously on the top of the menu, a few restaurants made the cut for Best of Miami, too.

From Lulu in Coconut Grove, to B.O.'s Fish Wagon in Key West, to Prime One Twelve in Miami Beach, we had you covered.

But there are still so many places we love, we just had to bring our Best Of back. This week we're taking it to Coral Gables. Although Route 9 was our official winner, here are five more of our favorites.

5. Mykonos Greek Restaurant
Walking into Mykonos makes you feel as if you've just stepped onto the Greek island of the same name--brightly painted walls depict scenes of the ocean from atop white houses, while the smell of fresh Mediterranean food and music fills the air. This is the place to come with a group and share a variety of appetizers and entrées, because everything is worth trying. Traditional dishes include the lasagna-like pastitsio and moussaka (both $12.95), as well as roasted lamb ($14.95), gyros ($7.95), and keftedes ($10.95), or fried meatballs. While most dishes include meat, there is a vegetarian menu with vegetarian mousaka, lasagna, and Greek style omelet (all $9.95). Dessert is also a must; filo dough and nuts dominate the dessert menu with traditional bakery items like baklava ($3.50), kataifi ($3.50), and ekmek ($5.95 with a scoop of ice cream), while rice pudding ($3.50) and Greek cookies ($1.25) are available for those with nut allergies. Mykonos is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day and has happy hour from 5 to 8 p.m.

Natalia Molina
A Mediterranean salad at Mykonos.
4. Smoke'T Southern Kitchen & Tap
Here's a visit to a completely different side of the globe; Smoke'T delivers some of the best Southern food in the Gables. While they've got all types of barbecued platters of brisket ($15.75), smoked chicken ($15), and grilled salmon ($17), as well as the delectable fried chicken and waffle ($13.95). But what we've got a hankering for is the long list of delicious "Fixin's." You can't walk out of there without trying the franks and beans ($4.75), sweet brussels sprouts ($4.50), jalapeno cornbread ($3.75), or baked jalapeno mac & cheese ($5.75). Happy Hour is also a plus, with half off all liquors, draft beers, and wine from 4 to 7 p.m. on week days. It's a good excuse to get the 64 ounce mason jar-full of Dixie Highway Moonshine (Jack Daniels, triple sec, and Lemonade; usually $15).

C. Stiles
Smoke'T barbecue reigns supreme.

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Casola's pizza is disgusting. Seasons 52 is over ratted. Xixon rocks, though. I like how the New Times did a 180 on Route 9 after the debacle a few months ago.


The last time I went to Smoke'T my beer had shards of glass in the bottom of it. The manager offered me a free replacement beer. They have good food and beer, but its going to fail just like Jake's did-- no one there really cares, and everything is horribly uncoordinated. 


Give me a break. Every one of these restaurants are average at best!!!


uh, Casola's is the best Pizza in miles and miles


"no one there really cares"

Welcome to Miami dining!


Xixon is definitely not "average at best!!!" 

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