Cowabunga "Designer" Ice Cream Offering 50 Percent Discount During National Ice Cream Month

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Cowabunga_cake batter.jpg
via Cowabunga
Cowabunga's cake batter ice cream.
As mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is National Ice Cream day. And Cowabunga Ice Cream is offering online customers a 50 percent discount on product purchases. At $7.39 per pint and $13.99 per quart, these frozen treats could use a price cut. Simply enter promo code "luxurytaste6" at checkout.

Cowabunga's frosty stuff is made in small, five-gallon batches. This allows the New Jersey-based company to keep it creamy by controlling each step in a proprietary production process, including avoiding aeration. The firm aims to ensure great flavor, texture, and decadence through quality ingredients. The designer ice-cream line -- featuring flavors such as Rodeo Drive and Off 5th Avenue (cheesy, huh?) -- also uses a high butter-fat content base. Can you say calories?

Cowabunga_red velvet.jpg
via Cowabunga
Cowabunga's red velet ice cream.
Cowabunga avoids overaeration, "a common ploy of mass-production manufactures that undermines the creaminess and density of the ice cream and artificially inflates volume," according to CEO Ellen Schack.

"While we largely concentrate on our making our core 16 flavors the best they can be, we do occasionally have a special flavor such as our current 'Independence Vanilla,' topped with red, white, and blue sprinkles available throughout the month of July. We also are doing R&D on other new and exciting flavors, currently looking into a cannoli ice cream and/or a hazelnut type of ice cream," Schack adds.

New York Times best seller Omar Tyree went so far as to call it "the Louis Vuitton of ice cream." Designer references getting to you yet? Wait till you see the website, featuring pics of shoes, cars, fashion, and jewelry. Whether the likes of "Hampton's Vanilla Lux" and "South Beach R.E.A.L. Yogurt" can truly wear the label of designer, we suggest taking advantage of the coupon to find out.

Cowabunga_death by choco.jpg
via Cowabunga
Cowabunga's "death by choco" ice cream.
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