Drink Your Own Urine

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Let's face it. Between the current hurricane season and the impending apocalypse, there's a better-than-average chance we are in for some sort of disaster in the near future. Fear not, Miamians, you will not go thirsty.

Enter the LifePack ($28.84 from Amazon.com), a portable water filtration device used by the Army to provide soldiers with three days of drinking water from any source. The website says you can filter "contaminated water sources," but never quite says what we're all thinking. So we will. With this magical device, you can drink your own urine!

Simply relieve yourself into the filter, add a shot of "sports drink syrup," and soon you'll be fully hydrated, and possibly a bit ashamed. Either way, you'll have a much better chance at survival than your non-pee-drinking neighbor.

Is it a solution to the impending world water shortage crisis? Probably not. But in these uncertain times, you can never be overprepared.

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I know it sounds horrible, but if you were lost in the hot desert and couldn't find water, you would cut off your pinkie toe for something like this just for the chance to rehydrate yourself. 


My boyfriend drinks he pee every morning. Called urine therapy. Our pee is more healing than drinking our over chlorinated, flouride infested water. Just sayin'.


Your bf is nasty!  Do you let him put those lips on yours?

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