Entenmann's Twitter Fail: #NotGuilty Hashtag About Death, not Donuts

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Bad tweet....bad, bad tweet....
​According to the Washintgon Post, baked goods company Entenmann's is doing emergency public relations backflips after someone at the makers of boxed coffee cakes tweeted "Who's #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want? on their official @Entenmanns Twitter feed

What's the problem? The #notguilty hashtag was actually related to the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict.  In the PR world, equating your baked goods to a woman who was just acquitted in a death penalty case over her child is a very bad thing, indeed.


Entenmann's issued an apology (through Twitter, of course), " Sorry everyone, we weren't trying to reference the trial in our tweet! We should have checked the trending hashtag first. Our #notguilty tweet was insensitive, albeit completely unintentional. We are sincerely sorry."

If that little PR shitstorm wasn't enough, someone set up a fake Twitter account @EntenmannsPR that managed to tweet such random gems as "The only thing your dad will smell in the trunk of your car is our delicious donuts! #notguilty" before Twitter suspended them.  

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Yet another example of the slacker generation not doing their homework...

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