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Burger Beast
A screen shot of the Burger Beast Truck Track app.
It's lunchtime and you're in your car jonesing for your favorite food truck. Where is it? Well, there's an app for that!

Blogger Burger Beast is busy developing an app that will make it easy to find your favorite truck. The app will not only find your favorite trucks but also give you directions, a menu, and a short description of the truck.

No word yet when the app -- for iPhone and Android -- will be available. there's a submittal process for finished apps that can take a few days to a few weeks.

This is not the first food truck tracker application on the market. We've found a large number of both local and national apps. Below we list some national and Florida-based apps. If you're planning a trip to a major city, the national apps will come in handy to search for mobile street food, as well as help you find where the heck Sugar Rush is in Miami for a little cupcake love.

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TruxMap screenshot
TruxMap: This free app allows the user to search for trucks in 21 cities, including Miami. Menus, reviews, and directions are included.

Pro: Easy to read and available on multiple platforms, including online at your home or office.

Con: Not updated to include all Miami trucks yet.

Roaming Hunger: This free app is both great-looking and helpful. Includes menus, truck locator, and Twitter feeds.

Pro: Search for trucks by type, including "sweet" and "savory." The animated roaming mouth is a cross between the Rocky Horror mouth and a vampire.

Con: Only for iPhone 4 (but available online).

Roaming Hunger screenshot
Curbside Cuisine Locator: This free app was developed by Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern as part of his new Appetite for Life show (in which he eats normal food instead of bugs and testicles). Sponsored by Toyota, this tracker compiles the Twitter feeds of hundreds of food trucks throughout the nation.

Pro: We like Zimmern, a well-known foodie and food writer. His insights are worth downloading.

Con: It's sponsored by Toyota, so you have to watch a Toyota Venza from time to time.

curbside cuisine.jpg
Curbside Cuisine screenshot
Eat St.: This free app is affiliated with the Cooking Channel's truck-centric show Eat Street. The app tracks trucks across the country and provides reviews and menus.

Pro: It seems to be the only one to reach out to both the trucks and local food bloggers for assistance in bringing in-depth truck info directly from sources, not just Twitter and Facebook.

Con: Only for iPhone 4, so if you have an older model, you're left in the dust.

Eat Street screenshot

If you're looking to eat at a food truck tonight, you have two options (and one of them is in Broward):

Kendall Car wash hosts a weekly food truck roundup tonight from 6 to 10. Latin Burger and Grill Master Cafe have confirmed, but more trucks will be added. Kendall Car Wash, 9750 Kendall Dr., Miami

The Riverwalk Trust is holding "Gourmet in the Park" tonight from 5 to 9 in Fort Lauderdale's Esplanade Park. Food trucks include Big Kahuna, Dim Ssäm à Gogo, the Fish Box, Latin Burger, Ms. Cheezious, Nacho Bizness, the Rolling Stove, Slow Food Truck, Sugar Rush, and Sugar Yummy Mama. Esplanade Park, 400 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale

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if you notice that TruxMap is missing any Miami food trucks, you can send an email to info .at. and we'll get them on the map asap.

Kris Andres B
Kris Andres B

Kind of interesting, I downloaded Roaming Hunger and Curbside Cuisine Locator to test 'em out. Curbside gave me an error for searching my location,  but then I noticed in the bottom right corner the Roaming Hunger logo. Turns out the search on Curbside is actually powered by Roaming Hunger. Seems like Roaming Hunger is the way to go on this one.

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