Tonight on Man vs. Food Nation: Conch and Vanilla Ice in Key West (Video)

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Adam Richman and Vanilla Ice take on Blue Heaven
​We wish we had Adam Richman's job. This former soap actor and graduate of the Yale School of Drama has made his mark on the world not by reciting Shakespeare - but by eating massive amounts of food on Travel Channel's Man vs. Food and the new Man vs. Food Nation (which is basically the same show but with real people as recruits).

On tonight's episode of Man vs. Food Nation, Adam heads down to our favorite place on earth, The Florida Keys, where he takes his talents to the Hogfish Bar & Grille to eat "The Killer Hogfish" sandwich. Dessert comes next with some key lime pie from Blue Heaven and a "surprise" visit from washed up rapper reality star Vanilla Ice (does this technically make the pie ala mode?).

As with all Man vs. Food episodes, it's challenge time. The Key Largo Conch House hosts the Conch Republic fritter eating contest, where Adam recruits a five-foot tall UM co-ed to scarf down about a million fried lumps of mollusk.

Who wins? Find out tonight at 9:00 p.m.  and watch two exclusive previews here:


Watch UM co-ed Cassie Glenn scarf down fritters here: And Here's Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) eating Key Lime Pie:

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Blue Heaven

729 Thomas St., Key West, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Hogfish is awesome

Cindy M. Rhoades
Cindy M. Rhoades

No doubt, the Hogfish Bar & Grill is one the most authentic eateries in Key West.  Actually it's on Stock Island, right on the working waterfront where some of the freshest and most delicious fish on the planet is caught and served. (Stock Island is directly connected to Key West by a bridge that's so small you don't notice you're hopping islands.)  Hog fish and key lime pie - it doesn't get more authentic than that.  Eat authentic while you're in Key West and stay authentic too in a real Key West vacation rental. http://vacationhomesofkeywest....


If you havent eaten at the HOG FISH you are missing out and dont forget to try Geiger Key Fish Camp (located on geiger key just 10 miles from key west) it is owned by the same people.   GREAT

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