Miami Spice Preview: Red The Steakhouse (Photos)

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Kobe Meatball 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
Kobe meatball topped with housemade mascarpone.
Red The Steakhouse 's Executive Chef Peter Vauthy has taken the task of developing the Miami Spice program very seriously, wanting to both entice newcomers and reward regulars. The place will be "switching it up every week," he says, beginning with "The Classics," then moving on to a week devoted to seafood, followed by Wagyu week, and rounded out by a pasta-centric selection. Chef Vauthy says "anything is fair game." According to him, the restaurant does approximately 450 covers on the weekends during Miami Spice, "we go from slow, boring July to crazy."

In addition, sommelier Fred Cabrera wants you to quaff his wines for a song. Special pricing has been enacted on a collection of bottles - from Nickel & Nickel's Russian River Valley Chardonnay ($69 for a bottle, usually priced at $19 a glass) to the Antinori Family Estates Napa Valley Cabernet ($79 for a bottle, on the list at $119). Plus, Wine Wednesdays are still in effect during Miami Spice, so order anything on the list under $100, for half the cost. In fact, Cabrera told us that "if someone wants a bottle for $450, I'm going to make it more affordable if I can."

Lastly, at a preview last night, we received a glimpse of the new dessert menu, premiering August 1. They are moving to a new format because apparently, a sweet ending is often overlooked at Red. New items are "more share-friendly;" translation - bigger and better. Way bigger, actually. Check out the 'King Kong' of cupcakes, which went through so many incarnations during a "six-day cupcake extravaganza," that the kitchen staff was tired of eating them.

One of "The Classics," a first-course offering - creamy buratta with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and an aged balsamic reduction.

Burrata 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
A first-course item during "Wagyu Beef Week," a deconstructed pastrami sandwich with whole grain mustard, sauerkraut and potato salad. Red is only one of five restaurants in the U.S. to procure Wagyu raised in the traditional Japanese method (they even rub those cows down with beer, no joke) from Lone Mountain, an exclusive distributor.

Wagyu Pastrami 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
Filet mignon topped with a lobster infused dollop of boursin cheese, served with a spicy blood orange and habanero hollandaise.

Boursin Crusted Filet 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
A most delicious mix of seafood and pasta, the "Torchio alla Pescatore," combines shrimp, mussels and giant clams in a creamy tomato sauce. This one was a favorite plate of the evening.

Pescatorre 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
The flash-fried lobster featured during "Seafood Week," was the only miss of the evening. The individual pieces of meat were difficult to identify, and more than one person at the table had to spit out chunks of shell into their napkin.

Flash Fried Lobster 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
The aforementioned gargantuan cupcake, a specialty of the house, it's a RED velvet with traditional cream cheese icing, a pecan streusel and sweet pineapple sauce.

RED Velvet Cupcake 2.jpg
Lesley Elliott
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Red the Steakhouse

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As it was the BEST Spice menu in Miami last year, I anticipated something special to be able to top it..It seems RED has done so..Looks fantastic! I frequent Red all year but this is one of my favorite times as I usually sample newer items I may have never tried before! Can't Wait!!


It was yummy, people!


Easily the best Spice menu in town, Red is one of the few restaurants that care about the quality in EVERY dish they put out (Spice Menu included)

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