Michael Schwartz Cooks For Today Show

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Local chef and James Beard Award-winner Michael Schwartz was on NBC's Today to plug in his cookbook and show America how to prepare a caramelized onion dip with thick-cut potato chips. Of course, if you a Schwartz fan you know that its basically the recipe for the $6 snack available at his Design District restaurant. There was also a second recipe but alas time wasn't on Schwartz's side.

Anyway, we are going to keep this short, because tomorrow we may have some behind-the-scene photos from Schwartz's segment. Enjoy!

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I agree the segment was rushed, however the caramelized onion dip recipe caught my attention so I made it over the weekend for a barbecue gathering. It was absolutely delicious! My guests loved it too. I modified the potato chip recipe by baking the sliced potatoes in the oven. Less oil and somewhat healthier.


Cool, good for him. 

However, they really rush people on The Today Show now.  Every segment is limited to like two minutes maximum.  not sure why they need to ALWAYS do that.

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