EVOS Fast-Casual Restaurant: Fast Food That Won't Kill You

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All photos by Laine Doss
EVOS features hormone-free and organic food that even your kids will like.
On a recent hunger-filled and cranky drive to Pinecrest for a day of shopping, we passed EVOS's little green storefront on U.S. 1 and gave it a try.

EVOS is clean, with cute Lichtensteinesque posters decorating the walls. On a Saturday afternoon, practically every table was filled with families consisting of several small children, all munching on the restaurant's air-baked chicken strips and fries.

The restaurant boasts "All-American food. Hamburgers, fries and shakes. But without the guilt." It backs this statement up by using organic milk and sugar in the shakes, hormone-free meats, and organic greens in the salads. Fries, fish, and chicken are air-baked, not fried. Though a meal at EVOS isn't necessarily the healthiest on the planet, it seems like a step in the right direction.

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EVOS Iced Tea Heaven features three kinds of tea with free refills.
We ordered a few wraps, fries, and iced teas. While we waited for our meal, we were given cups for Iced Tea Heaven ($1.79), where patrons can choose between unlimited cups of their choice of traditional Chinese black pekoe, fair trade organic green, or ruby-red herbal raspberry teas.

Another cute feature is the Ketchup Karma bar, where America's favorite condiment comes in the choice of original American, mesquite magic, garlic gravity, and cayenne firewalker. The ketchup bar even comes with cute stickers to identify each flavor.

An avocado and turkey wrap was filled with white-meat turkey, avocado spread, lettuce, and tomato. It was fresh and light, served in a spinach wrap. The veggie garden patty wrap could have used a bit more spice. All wraps are priced at $6.19 alone, $8.49 with fries and drink.

The fries, however, were a big hit. Air-baked with their skin on, they were crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. As I ate, I wondered why the heck anyone still fries a potato. This is clearly the way to go.

Other options include naturally raised beef burgers and 100 percent white-meat lean turkey burgers, breaded trout filet sandwiches (all sandwiches are $5.19 alone, $7.49 with fries and drink) and salads.

Families especially should consider EVOS. A special Healthy Kids menu features a choice of chicken strips, grilled beef hot dog, Championburger, or Steakburger with fries and drink for $5.29. I noticed families enjoying their meals. There were no children crying for the missing grease in their lunch.

Most kids like to eat chicken strips and fries, so you might as well take the little ones to a place that serves healthier versions. Oh, but don't mention the word healthy to the kids. Not knowing that won't kill them. Eating better won't kill them, either.

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EVOS Ketchup Karma Bar features four different ketchups with handy ID stickers.
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Jessica Blanco
Jessica Blanco

Love it there!! I didn't realize how much until I went to Energy Kitchen in Pincrest....way over priced...fries sucked...and NO KIDS MEALS....what?? How do you have a family healthy restaurant with NO KIDS MEALS...no baked nugget...or organic turkey dog...and did I mention the fries suck...you pay $4 for 1 lonely order of fries and the quantity and quality is just bad..no cool ketchups....no organic iced teas...just plain old lipton iced tea....I'll stick to my EVOS!! 


Burger I had there once was on dry side. It's in the same strip as a Five guys so if I want a burger, I head there. But I do like their wraps and chicken sandwiches. And the shakes are good too.Just wondering, why do they have to call the fries "air"-baked?How else do you bake something?Why not just 'baked?'  I ask not to be nit picky, but it seems like they're trying to make it sound like something different than potatoes cooked in the oven.


Been there. Good food and reasonably priced as you say.


They call them Airfries because a special oven is used; not a regular oven. That oven forces very hot air on them to cook faster, evenly and of course to create that familiar deep-fried crisp but without the brown deep-fryer oil of course and more than half the fat :)

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