First Look at Chow Down Grill South Beach

Chef/Owner Josh Marcus of Chow Down Grill
Good news, South Beach, Chow Down Grill is coming to the neighborhood next week. No longer will you need to trek to Surfside to get your fill of homemade noodles and dumplings. The new location is much larger, features a full bar and extensive cocktail menu, and is open until 5 a.m. every day of the week.

There will be two separate dining areas, the main dining room and the bar. The menu will be very similar to the original, and will feature an expanded banh mi selection, available only after 11 p.m.. Perhaps inspired by our guide to smoking, Marcus will also serve up a variety of smoked meats, including pork shoulder, short ribs, and tea-smoked duck.

The separate bar area, featuring artwork by Ft. Lauderdale tattoo artist Michael Suarez
Allen Connor, formerly of Purdy Lounge, has designed a cocktail menu to suit all tastes. In addition to a selection of mojitos and ciders, Chow Down will feature modern cocktails made with infused syrups, homemade bitters, and fresh herbs. Try the Crouching Tiger, consisting of tequila, lemongrass-infused agave nectar, lychee syrup, and jalapeño.

The 300-year-old Buddha carving turned DJ booth, liberated from a museum in Orlando
Taking advantage of one of Miami's few alleyways, this will be your only method of late night entry
The current exterior -- several people walked in with their laundry while we were there
Get ready for Chow Down Grill South Beach, coming to you late next week at 920 Alton Road.

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Josh's  food ROCKS!


Great news for SoBe. I'll be eating there for sure!

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