Joey's in Wynwood Robbed at Gunpoint UPDATED

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Joey's in Wynwood was robbed last evening.
Three armed men robbed Joey's around 8 p.m. yesterday, according to a witness.

Open Miami Media reported that Sara Ataie, a diner at the time of the robbery, said three men with bandannas covering their faces walked in, showed their guns, and demanded everyone lie on the floor.

One man played lookout while the others took cell phones from patrons and emptied the cash register. No one was hurt during the robbery, which lasted about two minutes.
Another diner, Robert Figueroa, noted the three men looked young, probably in their late teens to early 20s.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick, COO of Goldman Properties, which co-owns and operates Joey's Italian Café, told Short Order: "The robbery at Joey's was captured on surveillance video, and the police are thoroughly investigating. It was an unfortunate but isolated incident, one that could happen anywhere. We are grateful that no one was hurt and will continue to be committed to the safety of our patrons and staff."

Srebnick also noted the incident will in no way deter the close-knit Wynwood community from fulfilling its vision of "creating a thriving pedestrian neighborhood, one that will be a Miami showcase."

The robbers have not been caught, and anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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bet they're a bunch of pussies without those heaters - bunch of no good punks hiding behind guns - i would love for someone to beat the ever-living shit out of each on of 'em


Hey, this is Florida. Why didn't the shop owner pull his gun and put a few caps in that robber?

michael wind
michael wind

it is a very dangerous area,yes you can hire off duty police pay them and feed all police for free...


Lemme guess...they were black


Hire a off duty police officer to work detail, I have been bugging my husband to go there for dinner and he just watched this on the news. :(


That area is still edgy no matter how many art galleries and restaurants they build...

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