Miami Spice 2011: Kane Steakhouse (Photos)

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Kane's duck fat chips is a side selection on the restaurant's Miami Spice menu.
Miami Spice 2011 is well under way and restaurants are lively with patrons seeking out a meal deal. Since Miami Spice is a fantastic way to get to know new restaurants, we decided to preview Kane Steakhouse's Miami Spice dinner menu.

Short Order's own Lee Klein gave Kane Steakhouse a "grudging" on his tally of Spice offerings. Though we agree there weren't many choices on the Spice menu, the ones listed proved to be worth the price. For instance, a $37, 8-ounce filet is listed as a Miami Spice entree choice, making the $35 Spice menu a good value for the money. Other entrees include a grilled branzino filet with bulgar red lentil tabouleh salad and Tomahawk short rib with brocoflower puree. We liked that a choice of sides was included as a little "bonus".

Skipping around to the starters, Spicegoers can choose between roasted Berkshire bacon with fennel apple slaw or Kane salad with charred baby corn, golden beet, green beans and cucumber Dijon vinaigrette.

If you can, make room for dessert. Choose from a caramelia-marzipan mouse (with bourbon ice cream) or grilled pineapple upside-down cake (with rum raisin ice cream). The ice cream, by the way, is made in-house.

Roasted Berkshire bacon with fennel apple slaw was the meatier starter choice. The tangy slaw paired well with the sweet and smokey pork.

kane salad.jpg
Kane salad, while not core-shattering, proved a wise choice if you want to save room for the food that lies ahead. Watch for surprises in the salad, like golden beets and charred baby corn.

Even meat-eaters will enjoy the grilled branzino, a generous fish dish with a crispy skin and a moist and delicate white meat inside.

But you didn't come to a steak house for the fish, did you? The 8-ounce filet had a nice char on the outside, beautiful pink on the inside.

Laden with cheese and butter, the cauliflower gratin was rich and satisfying.

Caramelia-marzipan mousse with house-made bourbon ice cream. Be prepared - this is more of a solid confection than a traditional mousse.

Grilled pineapple upside-down cake, served with house-made rum-raisin ice cream, is baked daily by Executive Chef Daniel Ganem.

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Kane Steakhouse - CLOSED

431 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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The steaks were over cooked and had no flavor. the sides were great though. 


Looks like a deal to me...


Sounds like you are getting a $60.00 dinner for $35.00. Not a bad deal!

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