Spartico Opens The Kitchen To Your Kids

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Spartico margharita pizza 2.jpg
The Margharita pizza at Spartico.
Spartico in the Grove is becoming the ultimate kid-friendly destination with the launch of its "Pizza Bar Kitchen," which makes it okay for children to play with fire. For parents who simply cannot bear the thought of another boring birthday party, here is a fun way to teach your little one that dinner doesn't make it to the table courtesy of the magic food fairy.

Chef Walter Dilibero (who learned his pizza-making skills when Eismann consulted on the opening) will be teaching the personalized pizza lesson, no word on who is cleaning up after the food fight. A starter of Caesar salad, fried zucchini and calamari is served family style, followed by a few Margherita pizzas thrown in along with the kid's completed versions. An ice-cream sundae buffet provides a sweet ending, and wee aprons get thrown in to protect those fancy party clothes.

Adults can create their own meal from anything on the regular menu and order up a pitcher of Spartico's specialty drinks for $21.95. The total cost is $21.95 per kid, but the real expense for an afternoon without clowns? Priceless.

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