Strange Food Addictions: Chalk, Cigarette Ashes, Drywall, and More (Video)

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Guess our secret addiction to cave-aged Gouda with cheap wine isn't so bad, after all.
Once upon a time, a cable television network called TLC stood for The Learning Channel. It promised to bring educational and scientific programming designed to elevate our lives with the light of knowledge.

Problem is, no one watched thoughtful shows about the universe and medical breakthroughs. Then TLC started adding shows about women who have multiple children via in-vitro gone awry (Kate Plus 8), little people (The Little Couple), polygamists (Sister Wives), and people who collect many, many cats (Hoarding: Buried Alive).

Naturally, the American public was shocked and outraged delighted at the schlock insightful shows. Now, there are only so many people from arcane religious sects that have 19 children to feature, so TLC added a new show, My Strange Addiction.

Sure My Strange Addiction features people who dress like babies, collect dead things, and compulsively bathe in bleach. But we watch for the people who eat strange things. With that in mind, we're counting down the ten strangest food addictions featured on the show:

10. Bianca started eating pottery but found it wasn't gritty enough, so she went on to eat cigarette ashes. And we thought bacon was the gateway food.

9. Kristyn eats chalk. Wasn't this supposed to be a punishment for bad Catholic school children in the olden days? Not only that, she's gotten her sisters to try it.

8. Josh eats glass. Which isn't really weird if you're a circus person, but it is kinda weird at the dinner table. What does glass taste like? According to Josh, it's like "eating horrendously sharp rock candy".

7. Charmissa likes the clean, fresh scent of dryer sheets so much, she started eating them. With a taste that's "kinda spicy and tangy" at the same time, they sound tempting, but we'll stick with some General Tso's Chicken.

6. Keisha likes to eat toilet paper. Best place to eat said TP? According to Keisha, it's the movie theatre. Don't think she doesn't have standards...Keisha will only eat white toilet paper...because eating colored paper would be weird.

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Strange Food Addictions: Chalk, Cigarette Ashes, Drywall, and More.... Since when were any of those "food"? The title should read "Strange eating addictions: Chalk, etc..."


Clarmissa makes me want to gag.

Dung Good
Dung Good

When I buy food at the gas station, I always note that there's nothing organic in it. All man-made chemicals, that's me!


I eat dead cow on a regular basis...

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