Burger King International: Poutine, Bang Bang and Other Weird Meals

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Burger King
BK: so much more than a Whopper.
Miami-based fast food giant Burger King has announced that they're entering the Canadian Poutine market with the addition of the Canadian specialty to their menu.

That got us wondering just what other worldly delights the King dishes out in other countries. Here's what we found:

Bk poutine.jpg
Burger King
10. Poutine (Burger King Canada)
Fresh golden fries smothered with cheese curd & piping hot gravy. For an additional buck, get your poutine served angry with hot sauce or baconized with pig flesh.  We just have one question - isn't cheese curd what Little Miss Muffet ate when a spider scared the crap out of her? No thanks, buddy.

bk brekky wrap.jpg
BK Australia
9. Brekky Wrap (Hungry Jack's Australia)
Don't ask us why Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Austalia because we can't get a straight answer. But considering that this country/continent has real-live Tasmanian Devils why would you expect anything less weird? This Brekky Wrap isn't necessarily strange. It's a wrap filled with eye bacon, sausage, egg and cheese. But wait - eye sausage?  Better than Tasmanian sausage, we suspect.

bk mandarin orange.jpg
8. Fiesta Corn and Mandarin Oranges (Burger King Korea)
We were expecting fish heads, scorpions or worse when we checked in at the BK Korea website. What we found was the usual, with the additions of corn and mandarin oranges. On the dessert menu, by the way. Which poses the question -- is these where all our childhood leftovers were shipped to?

bk spicy mexican.jpg
Bk Germany
7. Spicy Mexican Whopper (Burger King Germany)
Nothing says Germany quite like the Spicy Mexican Whopper, an amusing combo of beef patties, cheese, jalapenos, potatos and sour cream (gag)...Here's the ironic part. The Mexican Whopper is not available in Mexico (thankfully neither is a German Whopper).

bk churrasco.jpg
BK Argentina
6. Churrascos (Burger King Argentina)
Argentina is known for its beef, which is why we weren't surprised to find churrascos on the menu. And we also shouldn't have been surprised when BK turned this traditional steak sandwich into a meat hockey puck, laden with mayo on some bread.

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