Food Porn: The Ten Sexiest Kitchen and Restaurant Scenes in Movies

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Sally really loves her deli meat.
Last week, the New York Post reported that sex in restaurants is on the rise. We're not surprised. After all, what's sexier that an incredible meal?

Mix in a few glasses of wine and add to the fact that after paying the check you probably don't have money left over for a hotel room and... well, isn't that what long white tablecloths are for?

But even though the New York Post might have just discovered sex in restaurants and kitchens, Hollywood has been on to this little secret for quite some time.

From kitchens to restaurants to food trucks (yes, food trucks), here's our collection of the ten sexiest kitchen and restaurant scenes from movies.

10. Don Juan DeMarco: When Don Juan sits down to dinner, he's laughed at. But remember, our biggest sex organ is the brain, and what woman wouldn't melt when Johnny Depp speaks?

9. Like Water for Chocolate: Tita can express her forbidden love only through cooking. When she makes quail in rose petal sauce, the entire town experiences a food orgasm.

8. Woman on Top: Penelope Cruz is a heartbroken Brazilian with a knack for making everyone fall in love with her... food.

7. Tampopo:This Japanese movie gives us an entire new genre of film -- egg porn!

6. Unfaithful: When a repressed suburban housewife meets a Frenchman, all hell breaks loose -- usually in restaurants. Jump to 1:50 to see Olivier Martinez and Diane Lane get intimate in a crowded bistro.

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