German Fruit Bread: Not a Vegan Brownie, That's For Sure

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Laine Doss
When is a brownie not a brownie? When it's a fruit bread.
Welcome to Short Order Show & Tell, where one of us brings a local delicacy to our weekly staff meeting, and we all weigh in on its deliciousness.

Today's experiment was German Fruit Bread from Crackerman Crackers in Bay Harbor Islands.

The tasting started out well enough, except for one thing. Everyone at the table thought it was a vegan brownie. Vegan it was -- brownie it wasn't.

The bread, filled with nuts, apricots, and figs, was noted as being "too dry." Strangely, the bread either had "too much" or "not enough" cocoa for New Times palates.

The general consensus was to "86 this and all fruit cakes". Good to note when planning your holiday shopping -- no. fruit. cake. ever....

The final verdict: a generous 2.5 out of 10, which was graded on a curve. If you want to pick up a loaf ($6), Crackerman Crackers is at the Coconut Grove Organic Market on Saturdays or you can shop online.

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