Graham Garnos, Health Machinist, Makes Homemade Silver Colloid

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Camille Lamb
Graham Garnos, seen through a murky glass of silver colloid, drinks and serves about 50 times the recommended dose.
We're standing in the kitchen, watching ghostly trails ooze off sticks of silver in a jam jar filled with distilled water. The kitchen, the jar, the silver, and the machine sending an electronic charge through the metal all belong to Graham Garnos, an agricultural business owner and an alternative healing enthusiast.

Garnos, a downtown Miami resident originally from Presho, South Dakota, is brewing some homemade silver colloid, a substance that's been used since the 1800s as a disinfectant and a healing agent. It can be applied topically --- people put drops in their eyes to treat sties or conjunctivitis, or on their skin to fight acne or psoriasis --- or orally.

"It kills like 700 anaerobic bacteria within about 30 seconds. And they've known this for 150 years," Garnos says. "Penicillin kills [at most] four, five, six, or seven different bacteria. They had colloidal silver. They knew colloidal silver killed hundreds of anaerobic bacteria. What did they popularize? They popularized penicillin. Why? Because it was patentable. Why? Because it was profitable."

Garnos says colloidal silver can also be used to make water potable. "If you're in say, Ecuador, and there's no clean water, and you carry a couple pieces of silver with you and a nine volt battery and a couple wires, you can make a silver colloid and it will kill most of the [bacteria] in the water," he says. "Does that mean that viruses will die? No. But the major water-borne pathogens of the world are killed by silver in the water. So if you need to survive, it's a great thing to carry, and a lot of people do."

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's website has a page devoted to examining the use of colloidal silver as medicine. It acknowledges that the solution "denatures proteins by binding to their reactive groups and can inactivate some enzymes by forming hemisilver sulfides with sulfhydryl groups of the enzymes," but it doesn't explicitly describe its antiseptic effect.

Silver colloid is available as a supplement in health food stores and online, but Garnos and many other proponents of the health tonic find it more cost effective to make it at home. The generator he uses can be bought for less than $100 online. He spends between $10 and $20 for two 10-gauge wires of 99.99% silver, what's known as "fine silver," for the creation of each batch of his silver colloid. The use of sterling silver, which contains copper, can be poisonous, he warns.

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Camille Lamb
A simple closed circuit is the design behind Garnos' in-home silver colloid maker.
"In Whole Foods, you can buy an ounce and a half of silver colloid for about 13, 14, 15, 17 dollars. [Considering those prices,] you can make a couple a thousand dollars worth of the same quality silver colloid as what's sold in Whole Foods, for pennies, in your home, in an hour."

Sloan-Kettering's website reports that the purported uses of colloidal silver include immunostimulation and treatment of AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and infections. The site cautions:
Whereas silver compounds are still used in external preparations as antiseptics, there has been a growing interest in using the collodial form of silver orally as an alternative medicine. In vitro studies indicate antitumor effects, but no human clinical data support the use of oral colloidal silver.
Garnos says he's been ingesting the substance in massive quantities for years to detoxify, prevent disease, and promote health of his digestive tract. The suggested dose is about two teaspoons, but Garnos believes that more is better.

"I've drank over a gallon a day for a number of days in a row, and I think the people who turn blue turn blue because they were drinking silver colloid made of sterling silver, and the copper in sterling silver got into their bodies."

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Camille Lamb
Garnos with his water ionizer and another electronic health device
He's referring to a condition called argyria, which Sloan-Kettering's website explains thusly:
Long term use can cause silver deposition in the skin and mucous membranes leading to an irreversible condition called argyria, characterized by bluish-gray to gray-black pigmentation.
To date, there have been no conclusive human studies on the effects of colloidal silver consumption. Garnos himself has a non-believing friend in the medical field in California whom he's attempted to goad into conducting some rudimentary clinical trials, to no avail.

"I challenged him, I called him up and I said, 'Why don't you go to a lab, down there in Palo Alto, and get the nastiest fucking shit you have, bacteria-wise, put a few drops of silver colloid on it, and see what happens.' And he wouldn't do it. Why wouldn't he do it? 'Cause nobody in Palo Alto will take him seriously if he tries. He cares more about his reputation, being taken seriously, than he does finding something else that works. Who can hold him to blame for that."

The silver colloid debate won't be settled until large-scale clinical trials confirm its benefits, risks, or both. Garnos says he doubts such studies will come to pass any time soon because no well-funded agencies stand to gain anything by conducting them. In the meantime, he suggests that the curious try silver colloid, and other alternative medicines, for themselves.

"Go have your own experience, rather than taking someone else's word for it. Nobody knows everything. The people that claim to know everything have all the power anyway," he says.

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ionic minerals
ionic minerals

Angstrom health mineral supplement should contain naturally ionized minerals to be fully absorbed. This allows your body to absorb and utilize the minerals.


It should surprise no one that Graham is also an avid astrologist and very reliable as someone you just cannot reason with. Do save yourself some time.


Mr. Pimples, no I have never heard that infants fed with silver spoons are healthier than others although I have all the major scientific journal articles on silver. Do you have a reference? And if your assertion is true, how do you know that the silver has anything to do with the infants’ health? I would assume that infants fed with silver spoons have parents who are pretty well-off if not wealthy and that the things that wealth provides, like good food and housing, would be the most likely reason for them being healthier than others, if they are, than eating off silver spoons.

I am not telling anyone that silver utensils have been poisoning people. (Check my website and see if you find that there.) Neither am I telling you that people who eat from silver utensils consume silver or that silver is released into the beverages and food that the utensils contain and that the people consume. If you have evidence that it is, please give me your references.

If you look at any reputable nutrition site from a scientific institution that has scientists who study nutrition, you will see that people require minerals and that some are essential. You will find them listed along with the amounts that are needed by humans, but you won’t find silver, arsenic or lead on those lists because they are neither essential nor safe. 


Your machine probably produces a mixture of silver compounds, ionic silver and colloidal silver none of which offer health benefits when ingested. All of which can cause argyria. 

Scientists agree that silver is a disinfectant which is why there are approved topical silver drugs. Yet I know several scientists who have tested many brands of silver dietary supplements including the homemade kind and found that none have killed any of the common bacteria, which they tested them against, in test tubes.

If you know of studies reported in reputable scientific journals showing that ingesting silver in any form, as opposed to using it topically, offers any benefits whatsoever, please give me the references - journal name, publicationmdate, article title, author. 

I have heard from several people who tell me that they used their equipment exactly as directed and got argyria. 

As with everything in life especially drugs and supplements, one has to weigh the risks against the benefits. To do that you need adequate studies to know what the risks and benefits are. To date there is a large body of scientific evidence showing that ingesting silver, as opposed to eating peanuts for those not allergic to them, is all risk and no benefit.

Since many people who ingest silver supplements are, contrary to what the labels state and what they believe, taking overpriced, mislabeled water or water with a trace of silver in it, they are not at risk of developing argyria. (I know this based on the results of tests done by independent labs.) Argyria can take decades to develop if a person takes it in small amounts. It builds up over time. When I first learned that silver was being sold as a “dietary supplement”, I predicted it would cause new cases of argyria. Salesmen and promoters laughed and said that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Tragically, they were wrong, and tragically, I believe that we are still going to see many more new argyria cases.

I was injured by an MD who was a good, caring human being and who never profited from the sale of the silver drug he prescribed for me because my mother bought it in a pharmacy. That doctor was terribly naive. He believed the fraudulent ads from drug companies in an era when they were not strictly regulated. I learned a very valuable lesson. I don’t believe claims without seeing solid independent evidence verifying them. That not only applies to claims made by MDs but to claims made by salespeople and large companies such as Whole Foods. 

This article came to my attention because I have personalized Google News to show me articles on silver supplements.

Not only do we hear about quack MDs, we hear about them loosing very large sums of money when people win malpractice suits against them. Few lawyers will waste time suing a supplement company when its product has injured or killed someone because, unlike MDs, they don’t have assets or large insurance policies that will pay out. 

Please don’t tell me about oncologists you call quacks because they cut, burn and poison cancer patients. I had breast cancer in 1984 and have many friends who have also had it along with other types of cancer who are alive today and very pleased that there were doctors who were able to cut, burn and poison the cancer cells in our bodies so that the disease didn’t kill us. Once more, as with most everything in life, you have to weigh the risks against the benefits.

You may not need a degree to learn chemistry, pharmacology or toxicology, but you do need knowledge which can only be obtained through study. If you knew anything about pharmacology, you would realize the difference between a disinfectant and an antibiotic. You would understand that a substance that kills bacteria in test tubes does not necessarily do that inside of people who ingest it. You can disinfect a wound with alcohol. Vodka doesn’t prevent or cure pneumonia. 

I haven’t noticed problems with your grammar and wouldn’t be concerned if I had.

Rosemary Jacobs


Mr. Garnos says he believes people who have developed argyria did so because they ingested a supplement made with sterling silver. If Mr. Garnos investigated as I have, he would know that that is incorrect. He would know that every form of silver ingested has caused argyria and that nothing other than silver has caused the condition. 

I suspect that if he spoke with chemists as I have that he’d find that he is not making what chemists call “colloidal silver” and if he is using real distilled water that there is actually very little silver in his supplement. 

Silver drugs were used before the advent of antibiotics. They were discontinued, not because they couldn’t be patented, but because they didn’t work when taken internally and they discolored many people. Silver like alcohol and peroxide is a disinfectant that kills many pathogens on contact, but not inside people who ingest it. Neither is it safe to ingest. Even though silver can’t be patented, there are approved topical silver drugs used extensively for decades in hospital burn units. 

Penicillin was profitable because it worked. Penicillin is a naturally occurring mold. Can a mold be patented? I believe that a patent was granted for the manufacturing procedure used to mass produce penicillin. But then I know of at least one silver supplement company that holds a patent for the method they use to manufacture their brand of CS.

There are scientists who have tested silver supplements, including the homemade kind, in vitro, in test tubes, and found that in spite of silver being a disinfectant none of them have killed any of the common bacteria they tested them against. With results like that and knowing that silver causes argyria, what scientist would risk testing the stuff on humans? 

And if it were so safe and effective, why wouldn’t silver supplement manufacturers conduct the tests needed to show whether or not ingesting their products effectively treated diseases?  Why wouldn’t the silver industry, which would make lots of money if the claims about safety and efficacy were accurate, fund such studies? And with all the people taking silver supplements why aren’t there documented cases of its curing infectious diseases, only documented cases of argyria caused by them?

Rosemary Jacobs (Search NCCAM using the term "silver".) (One of the major US promoters of "dietary supplements" and "natural remedies".)


Garnos already unlocked all the mysteries here.  As he stated, he's not a chemist or biologist.  In that he stated that he doesn't know why people turn blue or silver.  There's a reason people become educated.  Garnos sounds like the typical government conspiracy nut job.  Believe it or not, we turn our thousands of educated professionals that have the good of our country and health in mind.  It's these whackos that think the sky is falling and the those in charge of it's falling are selling helmets that make these ridiculous claims.


Snooooooooooze.  Wake me up when a trained chemist or physicist tells Garnos his head from his anus.


Buying electrolysis machinery to produce a silver hydrocolloid of positive silver ions is a simple matter.

Silver particles of a few microns are VISIBLY released into the water off the (positive?) Poled piece of silver.

I recall a long discussion i had with an m.d. on one occasion about his loss of faith in scientiffic methodology. He cited the one study he did truly believe which was conclusive, a study of studies which showed remarkably how much more effective pharmacueticals of all classes and kinds were found to be in studies sponsored by there purveyors. One of my favorite studies is the nejm or jama? Study of homeopathic remedies. Imagine the meaning of a study funded by those dependent on drug profits finding that homeopathy is not better than a placebo.

I remember a time, earlier this decade, when i tapped into the information out there in medical journals on ssris. There was a big scandal about the prozac studies if you recall. That was when i began to see just what was possible when money was at stake.

I grew up tucked in the back of real college libraries, researching some purposely ludicrous scientiffic positions and since those far off days have been awate of the role of self interest involved. It was also my view that i could find evidence, scientific evidence, on any side of an issue if i had a drive and purpose to do so.

I guess we can both agree that silver colloid is an excellent environmental cleaning sollution as well as an excellent topical antiseptic.

Indeed, the occurence of agyria amongst silver miners is an ancient one. Ingesting a properly produced silver colloid in the 50 (?) Or so ppm range would be equivalent to how many minutes breathing silver rich air in a mine? Its probably not comparable in terms of quamtity. The socalled alternative healing community is quite confidant in some parts that agyria sufferers from colloidal silver have misused the machinery. I am not convinced of that.

What i do know, again, is that my ingestion of colloidal silver in terms of volume is hundreds of times the label recommendations of the store variety, over a period of years. I have no agyria. I have never met anyone with agyria from silver colloid, nor have any of the dozens of contacts i have in the health food business ever reported a single incidence of agyria from silver colloid in what must be a thousand years of collective experience. So its rare.

In my family oncologists are not batting better than .500 for certain. And the cancer they have treated 'successfully' resulted in long term damage, permanent damage to my mother, aging her a decade in a few months. To me someone who is 50/50 or less is a quack. It is my prognostication that in the near future we will look back at the cut burn poison doctors with the same mass conscious obnoxiousness as we today look back on bleeding the sick. I believe in certain quarters of the medical establishment the same is already occuring for the role of antibiotics. We have empowered the microbial enemy. Greatly empowered it. The true scope of that is a well gaurded semi secret known to the few of us jaundiced enough to pay attention.

Its clear to me from my own personal experiences that the effect of silver ion hydrocolloid ingestion on my ailentary canal is both noticable and significant. I am rarely sick with anything, and when i am i use silver colloid. I urge people to proceed with healthy caution, armed with the facts, to have their own experience and to take reaponsibility for their own health.


Well. What i make is a silver colloid. The silver particles are profuse in the solution, and they are right around 5 microns across.

I know dozens of people who have taken silver colloid, and like i say, i myself have ingested more than a gallon of s.c. per day over extended periods of time and never turned blue or silver. Some people do. I dont know why for sure. I am not a chemist or a biologist.

Using sterling silver is dangerous. It should be avoided.

Silver colloid does kill over 700 ANAEROBIC bacteria within a minute of being contacted my the solution. This has been known for a long time.

If people have questions about silver colloid, how to make it, how it can be used, i suggest they use the resource of their local health food store, and also that they look up the late dr bob beck and watch his youtube videos.

-Graham Garnos


So can ANYONE please answer to me: WHY THE HELL NOBODY TAKES THIS STUDY SERIOUSLY??? I mean, is notorious that it kills anaerobic bacteria, including MRSA, so why does anybody, why no serious work is done to try to use this knowledge to spread health??? Well, i know the answer: BECAUSE IS NOT PROFITABLE!!!! This is the price we pay for accepting to live in CAPITALISM, because people are not interested in health, they are interested in capital!!! money money money greed greed greed Wake up people!! For Christ sake!!!


You previously stated, “There are a number of studies with various conclusions about the benefits of ingesting silver colloid.” I responded, “If you know of studies reported in reputable scientific journals showing that ingesting silver in any form, as opposed to using it topically, offers any benefits whatsoever, please give me the references - journal name, publication date, article title, author.” You replied to the post that contained my request, but you haven’t responded to it. Is that because you overlooked it or because you have no such references? 

Were we differ is that I believe in science and you do not. I think chemists know much more about chemistry then you and the people who sell the silver generators do. 

I believe that the scientific method is the only way to accurately evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs and therapies. That does not mean that you blindly accept studies labeled as scientific. It means that you must look at the entire body of evidence, not just a few studies, and see if it includes many good studies from scientists with no financial interest in the products that consistently give the same results. If so, then you can conclude with a high degree of accuracy that the results are accurate. It doesn’t guarantee that you will be correct. It just greatly increases the odds. IMO, that is the best we can hope for in life.

I believe you have every right to your beliefs, that you can reject science, ingest silver and even sell it (although I realize you say you do not), and you can tell people what you believe silver has done for you. However, I also believe that you must tell them that scientists disagree with you (see the references I posted previously) and that you have no objective, much less scientific, evidence to support any of your claims, unless of course you do. If you do, if you have references to the studies mentioned above, then you must cite them so that your audience can read and evaluate them for themselves.

Rosemary Jacobs.



Chemists who I've spoken with say that it is not possible to make what they call colloidal silver with the equipment you use. They also say that if you make your silver supplement with that equipment and use real distilled water that the amount of silver you release into the solution is negligible. 

Ingesting silver in any form or amount is dangerous. It can discolor your skin. If silver were sold as a drug instead of as a dietary supplement, manufacturers would have to do studies before they could sell it showing that it offered benefits, the amount that offered the benefits and the amount that was toxic to the average person taking it. Supplement manufacturers do not have to do any such studies and they don't. Since scientists have never seen any evidence that ingesting silver offers any benefits whatsoever while they have seen a lot showing that it disfigures people, they, and no one else, have ever done the toxicology studies on humans to determine the amount of silver that will disfigure the average person.

While pharmacologists have known for a long time that silver like alcohol and peroxide is a disinfectant and there are approved topical drugs that contain it, I have never seen studies showing all the pathogens it kills on contact, in vitro, in test tubes. But I know since the medical literature is indexed that there are no studies showing that silver taken internally offers any benefits whatsoever. Before the advent of antibiotics, it was used by desperate people. It didn't cure them although it discolored many. Silver is not an antibiotic. Neither is it safe to ingest.

If you want to know about drugs, I'd suggest you speak with a pharmacologist, study the subject or at least go to the library at your local hospital and start reading the pharmacology books there. If you want to learn how to make colloidal silver, I'd suggest you speak with a chemist, someone with a PhD in chemistry who has no financial interest in the sale of silver supplements or the gadgets used to make them.

Rosemary Jacobs


It's not taken seriously because he's simply wrong.


No scientist takes an in vitro study, a study in a test tube, seriously, and I assume that that is the kind of study you are referring to, unless it can be replicated in vivo, in humans. That is because they know the difference between a disinfectant and an antibiotic. They know that things that kill germs on contact, disinfectants, do not necessarily kill them inside people (antibiotics) where they cause disease. Neither are they necessarily safe to ingest.Scientists know that there are studies showing that silver is a disinfectant. There are approved topical silver drugs. They also know that there are no studies showing that ingesting silver kills germs inside people that cause disease. They know that silver was used before the advent of antibiotics and that it didn't work. They know that it seriously disfigured people. So they don't take it seriously or test it in people because they do not want to HURT HUMANS by giving them a USELESS DANGEROUS substance. Now can you tell me why the people who promote silver and sell it for a big profit don't do the tests in humans that would demonstrate that their CLAIMS about the safety and efficacy of the stuff they sell are true don't do the tests? And please don't tell me they can't afford to because some of them have made millions selling the stuff. And don't say that it is because they can't patent it because at least one silver supplement company has a patent on the process they use to make their colloidal silver and even though there is a ton of evidence that the stuff is useless and dangerous many companies including silver mining companies are already making a lot of money on the sale of silver supplements.Rosemary Jacobs http://rosemaryjacobs.com

Mr Pimples
Mr Pimples

To the contrary Rosemary, I am sure you heard the saying born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. It is a well documented that infants feed with a silver spoon has been proven to be healthier than other infants that where feed with typical house ware.

Furthermore, with your statement “ingesting silver in any form or amount is dangerous” lacks common sense, because if that where true your telling me that my silver water pitcher and goblets have been poisoning me and others for years. 

Other proof is you will never find a warning label on sterling or plated silver hollowware or flatware stating “not for food use, for decoration purposes only.”

With that said, think about it, because your body needs to consume a certain amount of minerals every year in order for one to live, this includes iron and zinc just to mention a few.

Mr. Pimples


Please forgive the limited eloquence and grammer i am able to produce on my tiny screen and touch pad of my phone. Smart phones seem to make me appear less smart. Thanks.

Graham Garnos.


The machine i use is a scada research rsg-1. Research signal generator. Not only does it visibly and obviously create a silver solution, it produces Ag+ ions. There may be a "freshness" factor but i dont know that for sure.

There is no scientific question whatsoever that Ag+ ions kill bacteria, including MRSA when used topically. Again, this has been known for over one century. There are a number of studies with various conclusions about the benefits of ingesting silver colloid.

I never stated there were no risks to using silver colloid. All i know is that i researched the equipmenylt i purchased and used it as directed for the purpose it was designed for.

My heart goes out to people like you who have suffered some complication or adverse reaction. There are people in this world who die from peanut dust but we dont lambast peanuts. Each body is different and as you point out i am not a scientist capable of professionally and dependably knowing these diffeences.

I reap zero financial reward from any product or device in the mefical, herbal, or food industry. Zero financial reward from any machine or apparatus, rsg-1 included.

Thousands of people use colloidal silver with no adverse effect. Whole foods, a fortune 500 company, and a world leader in health products and nutritional supplements and the conservation of human wellness and the environment of our planet elects to sell silver colloid in all of its stores that i have been in.

Im not sure how this article came to your attention rosemary, but people who know me know that i am after the truth and relish the journey to its discovery thriugh discourse. I dont have a horse in this race I am not emotionally invested in any solution or approach.

I find it fascinating the way products that allopathic doctors do not make use of (hardly true in this instance however, as silver stands amongst the best treatments for mrs left to increasingly desperate hospitals, a treatment i undestand made much use of) are treated by the media. We never hear about the quack oncologist cut burning and poisoning his way to a multimillion dollar retirement portfolio, after living a life of high social status, dying shamefully of cancer. But in the alternative medicine field failure to be perfect is called quackery.

Lets not go too far down that path, but let me leave you saying that while i am not a chemist, i believe there is no need for a degree in chemistry to learn and understand chemistry. The same is true of election day. Though i sometimes wish only people like me with a political science degree were allowed to vote, everyone, expert or not, meeting certain criteria gets to cast their vote. I dont pretend to know what is right for everyone, i only have invited the new times to look at how i live my life, and the benefits i enjoy as a result.

Graham Garnos

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