Massimo's Takes Over Brickell Bridge Bistro Space

Smile Massimo, You're on Short Order
A couple weeks ago, we reported on the closing of the short-lived SoBe-meets-Brickell spot Brickell Bridge Bistro and Bar. In response to the post, the new management promised they would "be back as the Phoenix that rose from the ashes" in the comments. Now, a month later, Brickellians have a new Italian restaurant at 500 Brickell, Massimo's Brickell Bridge.

Coming from the former Massimo's location in Miramar and, most recently, a stint at Segafredo Brickell, Chef Massimo Mammarella is hoping that his menu of Italian favorites will be more successful in the former B4 space.

He may look tough, but inside Mammarella is all momma's boy, having learned how to cook in his mother's kitchen while growing up in Bologna, Italy. Chef Massimo's new restaurant offers a menu full of Italian classics, including pastas, pizzas, and entree options including chicken parm, steak with green peppercorn sauce, and swai, a type of catfish, served alla pizzaiola. A lunch menu that hovers around 10 bucks includes the Super Veloce option, your choice of a half sandwich paired with the soup the day, served "super fast" for $9.

Check out Massimo's Brickell Bridge, now open for lunch and dinner at 500 Brickell Ave.

New name on the door, but the former signage still remains
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I hope this place is better than the disaster that was there before.  The owners (husband and wife) of the original one were a total joke - they had no idea how to run a business.

I will give this place a try but my recommendation to the new owner is to drop that name Brickell Bridge since it left a bad taste in many peoples mouth (no pun intended).  


I haven't tried the new place yet, but after being in old B4 (horrible name!) just once, I knew that place couldn't last more than 6 months.  No theme, poor service, and that managment was clearly in over their head.  I'm gonna try the new place tonight and see what improvements have been made


Yes I found him too!!!!  Used to eat in Mirarmar at his restaurant happy to see he is back again!!!!!  Will come see you soon...awesome chef!


We recently had my daughter's rehearsal dinner at Massimo's. It was a wonderful evening filled  with many different delicious orderves. As main dishes we had an amazing most tasty lasagna and as second entry we had Ravioli made with creamy white sauce and prosciutto ham. Ended the evening with a delicious champagne toast and chocolate cake with strawberries. It was an excellent evening filled with extraordinary food and a very elegant cozy atmosphere.  Nila V. Fernandez


I used to go to the original in miramar and turned family and friends onto it. Was heart broken when it closed but now that i found him once again i feel complete. Lol...

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