Peter Bjorn and John's All You Can Eat Tour Stops at Bardot September 23

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Free Food?! Gimme Some!
Who doesn't love Peter Bjorn and John (or PB&J as we lovingly call them). Their latest album, Gimme Some, was beyond remarkable and we for one can't wait until they come down to Miami in September for their concert at Bardot.

This Swedish trio won't only be vibrating our earlobes and temples with sensuous sound but will be feeding the music- craving masses on their All You Can Eat Tour. The tour pairs  their music concert with a  chosen food truck to dish out a free for all for the fans. Their travels start on August 24 in Chicago's Empty Bottle and finishes up October 8 in San Fransisco's Slim's, and smack dab between those dates, they'll have a faithful pit stop in the M-I-A.

Save the date: September 23. The location is Bardot, and the Food Truck du jour for their tour will be kept a mystery (you'd have to follow Eater to find out) until a few days prior to the boys dropping in, but we assure you it will be one of Miami's finest, .

A chance to eat free unlimited amounts of food truck yumminess and get a chance to see them live in concert? Um, yes please! 

The crowds will be insane, and if you were one of the lucky few to snatch an online ticket for their concert, the rest of us hate you because they've rapidly sold out. Nothing more to do than get to Bardot early, shovel as much grub we can fit into our bellies and idiotically dance the night away in a sea full of blissful melody.

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3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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R. D. M.
R. D. M.

anyone have an extra ticket?

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