Schweddy Balls-Inspired: Only Puke and Ten Other Food Name Fails

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Ben & Jerry's
We can't wait to taste these Schweddy Balls in our mouths.
Ben & Jerry's recently introduced a new ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls, a frozen delight of vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with, um, balls.

The ice cream is named for Pete Schweddy, the Alec Baldwin character on Saturday Night Live who makes delightful Schweddy Balls as a holiday treat.

If you think "Schweddy Balls" is one weird name, we've compiled a list of food items that have been named worse -- way worse.

ban food FingerMarie2.jpg
Micke Johnsson
10. Finger Marie: We're not sure if this is a cookie name or a directive, but next time our tiramisu recipe calls for "fingering ladies," we'll know what it's talking about, sort of.

badfood goldengaytime2.jpg
9. Golden Gaytime frozen novelty: This ice-cream bar has been around for decades in New Zealand, which means generations of 8-year-old boys and girls have had "4 delicious chances to have a gay time." Goes great with a nice dish of Schweddy Balls.

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Marc Medios
Marc Medios

Hey! No Pokari Sweat? It is a mainstay of Japanese vending machines. No clue what a Pokari is, though.


I once had spotted dick. Ten doctor visits cured it!



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