Stella Artois Crowns Local Draught Master

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Laine Doss
Ryan Fyffe wins the regional Stella Artois Draught Master title in Miami.
Stella Artois makes pouring beer into a high-drama spectacle, consisting of nine steps (ten if you include drinking it). Though not quite the Super Bowl, the Stella Artois Local Draught Master competition brought out its fair share of sportsmanship, fans, and -- like any sporting event -- beer.

Suds flew as participants competed in head-to-head competitions at Brickell Irish Pub to see who would win the title of regional draught master and advance to the nationals in Washington, D.C.

None of the participants were professional bartenders. To get a chance to compete, each was a winner at one of more than a dozen local pouring contests held at various Miami venues, including Gatsby's Kendall, Fado Irish Pub, Murphy's Law, and Sandbar Sports Grill.

Competition was like a tennis championship. Head-to-head heat winners advanced until there was one man standing -- Ryan Fyffe from Miami.

Ryan will go on to compete in the Stella Artois National Draught Master competition in D.C. The winner of the national contest will compete for global domination in Buenos Aires. Not a bad payoff for pouring a beer.

If you didn't make it to the competition, Stella Artois is giving you one last chance to get to D.C. to compete by perfecting your virtual pour. Click here to play the game and enter for the last entry slot.

Audrey here will help you brush up on the nine-step pouring ritual. Try to keep your eyes on the beer.

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