The Village Chalet and Their Quaint Tavern Dining

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ceramic floor art.jpg
By Ben Guzman, of
Beautiful ceramic floor art
We've been to Cauley Square  before, even ate at The Tea Room. It's home to antique shops, the occasional food truck rally, and a cozy little restaurant called The Village Chalet.

The name inspires a wooden house or cottage in the Swiss Alps, and that is precisely what it looks like. The walls are a nautical blue with Air France paintings placed here and there. There is a mesmerizing ceramic tile mosaic on the main room floor by the artist Ivette Scoli.

The owner of Cauley Square, Francis Varela, met us with a smiling face and wine glasses full of her homemade sangria, which tasted beautifully of apples, pears and sweet dessert wine.

Music from the band that night floated into the indoor dining room where we sat  between sangria and warm garlic bread.

Insalata Caprese.jpg
By Ben Guzman, of
Insalata Caprese = Caprese Salad
We ordered the Insalata Caprese ($10) , which was crisp and refreshing and very light. There was a thin drizzle of balsamic reduction over the fatly sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves which brought a healthy dose of flavor to the dish. That was followed by the Basil Buffalo Mozzarella Cheeseburger and the Pan Seared Salmon.

By Ben Guzman, of
A buffalo mozzarella burger? What's not to like
The burger was thick and covered in melting mozzarella ($10). When you add all the accouterments and take a bite it's even better. They serve this with fries that likely double or triple fried to a thorough crispiness. It's the perfect burger to go with our sangria.

lemon butter salmon.jpg
By Ben Guzman, of
Simple salmon and sides
The pan seared salmon is glazed in a lemon butter sauce ($18). We didn't so much taste the lemon, but the butter flavor came through just fine. The fish was moist and flaky with a side of white rice and garlicky spinach.

creme brulee.jpg
By Ben Guzman, of
pixie size desserts are cute
For dessert we tried the petite creme brulee, which while minature was thick and creamy. Who doesn't love to hear that satisfying crack when you shatter the top of a creme brulee. Tasting all the crunchy bits mixed into the custard is always a treat.

The Village Chalet, a simple restaurant full of locals, is usually packed. Every week it features live music. Minus the cold Alpine winds, this is just the kind of chalet Miami needs.

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