UM Students Speak Up! Top Five Places to Chow Down

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You're a college student, you're not much of a cook, and your budget is often stretched thin. So where do you go to chow down?

Short Order decided to find out what students of University of Miami had to say about their favorite food spots. The categories were Best Hangout Spot, Hookah & Hookup, Drunk Munchies, Impress a Date, and the all important category, Study but not Really.

The students cast their votes, and we tallied their picks. Here are the top five chow down picks from UM students.

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Fox's Sherron Inn
5. Best Hangout Spot
Fox's Sherron Inn

Why UM loves it: It's close to the school, live local bands play on weekends, and it's the only place we know that has a drive through liquor window. Fox's has undergone some recent renovations and replaced dated decor with modern interior and exterior design. Students love its 2-for-1 happy hours.

4. Hookah & Hookup
Oasis Coconut Grove Hookah Bar

Why UM loves it: The prices are a little steep but the location and atmosphere are hard to  beat. The shisha flavor list is extensive, spanning everything from caramel and grenadine to guava and peach chocomint.

There's a great selection of imported beers and an attentive staff. Oasis Cafe is the perfect late night spot on the weekend or after those late classes when you just want to unwind and bliss out. Who could say no to that?

La Carreta.jpg
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Perfect place for sober up food
3. Drunk Munchies
La Carreta

Why UM loves it: When you're drunk and starving all your tummy wants is a smorgasbord of food cooked by your abuelita. La Carreta delivers just that-- around the clock Cuban food waiting for the hungover party-goers to scarf down.

When students want something a little tastier than Dennys fare, this is where they head. The prices are low and the portions huge. The motherly attentiveness of the waiteresses is also a plus. Nobody minds being coddled a bit by a bosomy waitress serving you tray upon tray of delicious Cuban cuisine.

2. Impress a Date
Local Craft

Why UM loves it: Good food, drinks and an unpretentious atmosphere. Patrons rave about their local and organic dishes.

So what dishes do students recommend to ensure you get a second date? A must try is the roasted chicken thighs and dumplings. For dessert we suggest the goat cheese flan with citrus salad. Try all this with a Magic Hat for your beer (21+), and for our younger group, pick from their awesome selection of craft soda pop. No matter what you choose, you'll be a winner that night.

Sweetness Facebook
Local band playing at the shop. Cupcakes and Live Music, always a win.
1. Study But Not Really
Sweetness Bake Shop

Why UM loves it: FIU may have SpecialTea Lounge, but UM has Sweetness. And one of the best things about Sweetness is they come with a beloved Food Truck: Sugar Rush. The store offers sweet treats like Krispey Kreme creme brulee and Guayabera Cupcakes. They also have an interesting selection of ice creams. Students love the Smurfberry flavor with a sweet and salty cookie on the side, made with oats, crushed toffee and pretzels.

When late night studying gets you down, Sweetness offers a pick me up. And try your hand at one of their board games, you'll be glad you did.

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Sweetness Bakeshop & Cafe

9549 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL

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