Worst Cooks in America: Handicapping the Miami Hopefuls

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We wouldn't eat this for a million dollars.
View photos of Friday's casting of Worst Cooks in America at the Epic Hotel.

Friday, Food Network's Worst Cooks in America brought hosts Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell to Miami's Epic Hotel to audition contestants for Season 2.

People came from as far away as Jacksonville, driving all night, with friends and the remains of some animal in Tupperware in tow, in the hopes of impressing horrifying the two star chefs with their creations experiments gone awry.

More than 50 people showed up for the chance to learn how to cook on national television. The producers wouldn't tell us if any Miamians were bad enough to make it on the show, so we've picked our favorites. Here are our hopefuls, along with their names so you know not to accept any dinner reservations from them in the near future.

worst mollie.jpg
Laine Doss
Mollie Rose, Miami Beach
Macaroni 'n' Cheese ... Soup

When Mollie Rose went off to college, her mom made a recipe box of easy, coed-friendly dishes, complete with happy faces and hearts. Mollie proceeded to never open the recipe box, which might explain her dish of boxed mac 'n' cheese. Biggest problem: Mollie forgot to read Kraft's instructions and never drained the water from the pasta, creating that new dorm sensation: mac 'n' cheese soup.

Criminal Level: 1 When you cook solely in a microwave, at least you can't start a fire.

worst suzanna.jpg
Laine Doss
Suzanna Vogel, Miami
Salmon Mousse

Suzanna Vogel's canapes look delightful from a distance, but close up, they smell like something dredged from the Everglades. A distinct fishy smell comes from these little belly bombs. And who decorates seafood with green grapes and whipped cream, anyway?

Criminal Level: 2 When something looks like a petit four but smells like the Creature From the Black Lagoon, call the authorities.

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EPIC, A Kimpton Hotel

270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami, FL

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