Chef Daniel Ganem Gone From Kane Steakhouse

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Photo by Andres Aravena
Chef Daniel Ganem has left Kane.
​​Well, that was sort of fast.

Seems like only yesterday that Kane Steakhouse opened with chef Daniel Ganem at the helm; in truth, it was June 27. The point being that the 28-year old executive chef has left the employ of the restaurant.

When I called Kane and asked the manager if it was true that Ganem had left, she paused before answering, as though she was not expecting the question."Yes, it is," she acknowledged. "He is no longer with us." Then she asked if she could call me back with "the correct information" before divulging any other details.

When I hear back we'll update the post with facts.

Meanwhile, however, I've learned that the chef left on Thursday, which follows on the heels of the departure of the GM. I also hear that the chef who is covering for the time being comes from one of the Strip House steak places run by Kane's owners, The Glazier Group..

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Kane Steakhouse - CLOSED

431 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Just heard chef Ganem has teamed up again with Sam Gorenstein and Michael Schwartz @ Raleigh Hotel. Thats a lot of talent together... Welcome to Sobe !

Fish Killer
Fish Killer

The chef shuffle is in full effect!!


Not surprise, i give them 3 monts!!!!!


they have enough money behind them to last 100 years


well,100 years is up!!

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