Sugared Woodchuck with Gangsta Pudding, Anyone?

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Woodchuck - it's what's for (virtual) dinner
The restaurant world can almost be boiled down to two basic kinds of restaurants -- restaurants that serve simple dishes and restaurants that have menus that read more Cirque du Soleil than food.

Consider Miami's own Barton G. restaurant. Dishes include cheeky monkey mahi, lobster pop tarts and coconut-crusted voodoo shrimp (served over a smoking devil's brew). These dishes are designed to intrigue with their names and taste combinations, but no one's ever going to accuse this restaurant of being too restrained.

With more and more people turning to food for entertainment, Short Order wondered if there was any limit to frou frou dining in the land of more is more? What's next? Coddled newt with creamy polenta? Stir-fried fox with cotton candy breading? Yes! ... and no.

The Frou Frou Restaurant Menu Generator randomly chooses a menu of exotic delights for you to savor with your imagination. When we took the generator for a spin, we were given the following menu to consider:

  • Sugared Elk with Brussel Sprout Vinaigrette
  • Pan-Fried Prarie Dog with Gin Paste
  • Seared Boar with Brazen Dressing
  • Sugared Woodchuck with Gangsta Pudding
  • Fried Lion with Lima Bean Dressing

The generator is fun for a few tries, but we're not sure Miami's ready for fried lion. Plus, we have no freaking clue what gangsta pudding is. For now, we'll stick to the lobster pop-tarts.

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Barton G. the Restaurant

1427 West Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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