Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, Spock: How to Make Ten Celebrity Pumpkins

pumpkin shining.jpg
Heeeere's Johnny!
Halloween is almost here and you have a dilemma. There's a pumpkin on your doorstep ready to be carved, but what do you do? Sure you can do the standard Jack O' Lantern, but how boring is that? Why not turn that giant orange gourd into a work of art? 

It's actually easy since there are now websites devoted to providing budding pumpkin artistes with patterns. A few good ones are ZombiePumpkins and TMZ (yes, that TMZ), where you can download stencils to carve lifelike images of Charlie Sheen, Ozzie Osbourne, and Johnny Cash to name a few.

To get you started, we've come up with ten of our favorites, ranked by fear factor.

pumpkin twilighti.jpg
10. Edward and Bella from Twilight
Pre-teens are in a mild state of frenzy because the new Twilight movie, which features Edward and Bella getting married and having sex is coming out in a few weeks. The only think more frightening that this Twilight pumpkin is having to see the movie, which actually makes vampires and werewolves boring creatures.  Bella Lugosi is turning over in his grave.

pumpkin spock.jpg
Panels in Pages
9. Mr. Spock
Half human, half vulcan, Spock was a little creepy, but cool. After all those Priceline commercials, you'd never want to be caught dead with a Kirk pumpkin, but Spock...well. Let's just say that pumpkin will live long and prosper.

pumpkin obama.jpg
8. Barack Obama
You live in a very conservative neighborhood. Several times, you've encountered the stink-eye from Martha next door because of the Planned Parenthood sticker on your Kia Soul. What better to scare the pants off your Tea Party neighbors than a Barack O'Bama?

pumpkin mj.jpg
John!!! via Flicker
7. Michael Jackson
Here's a pumpkin that really sets the mood for trick or treating at your house. Carve a Jacko Lantern and place a sign near it - "free candy (and your own monkey) to all good little boys (under 13)". We promise you'll have a swarm of children (and police) at your doorstep in no time.

pumpkin schrute.jpg
6. Dwight Schrute
There's a Dwight Schrute in every office. Unhinged, volatile, and a little crazy. He's the guy who has personnel files on every employee ... and he's not in HR. Remember that temp who never finished the week? Check Dwight's freezer. We're just saying..

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