Yardbird Takes Wing Tonight

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Chicken, waffles, & spicy watermelon.
​​​​For all of my recent harping about hype, we at Short Order have certainly done our part for Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. Back in April we announced its coming; in August we told you of its delay. The official opening date was posted by us in September. Then, just yesterday, our readers were privy to photos from the opening party. And today we bring you the very first photographs of the food -- or at least two of the menu items. We just can't help being excited, along with the rest of the public; this is likely the most anticipated restaurant since, like, maybe Gigi. Is Jeff McGinnis really lucky, or does he have his finger on the pulse of Miami's culinary wants better than other chefs? We're guessing the latter.

Point is, the wait is over. The real opening takes place tonight for dinner, where you can sample Llewellyn's Super Fine Fried Chicken with Spiced Watermelon (in photo), or perhaps you'll go for the apricot-stuffed quail with Johnny cakes, seared foie gras and Riesling syrup. Lunch service starts next Monday, October 10.

Helping executive chef McInnis will be chef de cuisine Phillip Bryant and pastry chef Peter Merrill.

Keep going for a glimpse of dessert.
This blueberry cobbler looks great, right? Best part: It costs only a $1 and you get to keep the cool and pricy stainless steel pan it gets served in. Actually, that's not true at all; not sure how much it costs, and you definitely cannot keep the pan.

Sorry, I just got carried away with the hype.

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