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Everything is You. Galerie Praz-Delavallade 2003 Paris.jpg
2003, John Miller , Galerie Praz-Delavallade Paris
Everything is You
When thinking of food and Art Basel, one's mind usually wanders to hot-spot eateries and restaurants likely to be crammed to capacity. But food art? Well, we found one artist whose medium is just that: food. Take a look at John Miller's works below and tell us what you think!

The Office Party and the Communist Party 1992.jpg
1992, John Miller
The Office Party and the Communist Party
John says, "These pieces are from my brown work. In some ways, I construed [painting] as a matter of accumulation. I discovered Freud's formulations as 'art is a sublimated anal impulse,' and 'the urge to make art derives from the urge to model feces' that really resonated with where my work was at."

Windmills of my Mind 1992.jpg
1992, John Miller
Windmills of my Mind
John Miller was born in 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio and he now works in New York City and Berlin. His works have been in exhibitions since 1980 in galleries and museums like the American Fine Arts Co. in New York, the Jeffrey Charles Gallery in London, and now the Art Basel Miami Beach. You can see his Basel piece, A Bit of a Downer at booth K23.

John Miller, Glad Hand.jpg
John Miller
Glad Hand
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