Best Rodizio in Miami: Area Code 55 (Pictures)

Just an example of the salad plates....mussels, shrimp, meat and more.
Area Code 55 in Aventura should really be called Country Code 55. They serve, in my estimation, the best rodizio in Miami. That is, meat and salads galore -- all you can eat -- Brazilian style. If you expanded your stomach on Thanksgiving and need to keep munching, this is the place!

The place is friendly and packed with Brazilians. It has the top salad bar in these parts, great service and costs a reasonable $12.95 for kids. Adults go a stiffer $30 for dinner, but it is well worth it. Drinks, desserts and tip extra.

We headed over yesterday for my daughter's ninth birthday. Still feeling the effects.

The meat is served on skewers by rambling waiters.
Fried bananas covered in sugar await on every table.
My daughter got a free birthday flan. Does she look happy?
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Location Info

Area Code 55 Brazilian Steakhouse

16375 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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