Feverish Ice Cream Heads To The White House

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Feverish Ice Cream
Feverish heads to the White House
Feverish Ice Cream owners Felecia Hatcher and Derick Pearson are headed to Washington D.C., where they'll be feted for their accomplishments at a special White House reception tomorrow, Thursday, November 17.

Business partners (and husband and wife) Hatcher and Pearson started Feverish Ice Cream in 2008. The company sells ice pops and ice cream, made in a South Florida production facility, from six eco-friendly, acid green carts and a Scion. The carts can be seen at food truck roundups, and are hired by companies  like Bacardi, Universal, and J. Crew as promotional tools.

The pops use organic cane sugar and agave, and most are vegan-friendly. With flavors like apple martini, sweet potato pie, pineapple basil, mango, and mimosa, Feverish aims at a sophisticated palate.

Feverish was named as one of the 100 Companies owned by entrepreneurs under 30 on the Empact 100 list (and the only company on the list to represent Miami) as part of the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit.

According to their website, "The Empact 100 list is a compilation of many of the top companies run by young entrepreneurs. The list recognizes the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy and inspire others to join the movement to revitalize our economy by starting a business of their own."

Hatcher and Pearson, along with the other honorees will take part in a recogntion event at the White House with senior administration officials. The event will be broadcast live at whitehouse.gov from 2 to 5 p.m.

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Saw their little truck/car parked across from the Take One Lounge strip club last night. Hope that's not getting anyone in trouble!

iLuv ShortOrder
iLuv ShortOrder

Why would that information cause someone any trouble?  I thought it was a free country where people could go where they please....?  If no one was robbing the place, it shouldn't be an issue.  Are you implying someone was there to rob the place?  Hmph!

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