Free Entry to Fruit & Spice Park This Weekend

Photo by Anais Alexandre
Luscious Fruit Sampler
Short Order had the pleasure of taking a jaunt around the Fruit & Spice Park earlier this year, and it's a verifiable wonderland. The 37-acre park is truly a hidden treasure trove of more than 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and nuts. So if there is ever time to visit, it's this weekend when entry is gratis.

Roger, a Fruit & Spice Park attendant, told Short Order over the phone, "We rarely give free entry to the park. We did this once before early this past summer, but it's very rare." When we asked him if private tours this weekend would be free too, he told us, "Yes, this Saturday and Sunday all tours and entry are free."

On the private tour, visitors can enjoy a walk through the tropical tree-laden paths and as well as samplings of exotic fruits and veggies. Entry is usually $8 for adults and $2 for kids, except for this weekend (November 5 and 6). Stop by and get your tropical tasting on!

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Fruit and Spice Park

24801 Southwest 187th Ave., Homestead, FL

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Farmer Margie
Farmer Margie

SO, folks, head on out to the Fruit & Spice Park on Saturday afternoon, and finish off an awesome day in the country by heading over to the Homestead Al Gusto! even (from 6-11pm)t in downtown Homestead Main Street, on Krome Ave at Losner Park. It's just 5 miles south of the Fruit & Spice Park. Food Trucks galore, chef's competition, local produce & seedlings for sale - what more could you want?

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