Shorty's BBQ in Pictures: Fall's Here!

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Photo by Anais Alexandre
Move over baby-backs, it's all about Spare Ribs now!
Short Order is on a barbecue rampage. A couple days ago, we gave you Shiver's in Homestead. Today it's Shorty's BBQ where they recently showed us smoked meaty delights including the thickest ribs we've ever tasted. These ain't baby backs, they're Shorty's own hickory smoked spare ribs ($11.50). These guys are the big brother version to the thinner, smaller baby-backs. In short, they're caveman ribs, for manly men.

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Photo by Anais Alexandre
Big Brisket Sandwich Waiting for You
The brisket sandwich ($8) is a monster helping of perfectly tender meat barely contained between two soft buns. We suggest you slather on the accompanied brisket sauce.

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Photo by Anais Alexandre
Crunchy and Tart Fried Green Tomatoes
The fried green tomatoes ($5) were tart and juicy on the inside and had a beautiful peppery coating on the outside. The little rounds were crunchy and delicious.

shorty 530 3.jpg
Photo by Anais Alexandre
Plate full of goodness
Take a bite of Shorty's baby-back ribs and the first thing you taste when you get past the soft meat is smoky flavor. These ribs ($14) are sticky with sauce and extremely addictive.

shorty 530 5.jpg
Photo by Anais Alexandre
Homemade Key Lime Pie
If you have room for dessert, a must-try is their homemade Key lime pie ($4). It's bursting with that signature key lime citrus tang, All you need is a good beer to wash it all down with while you watch sports on their various flat screens.

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Alika Sanchez
Alika Sanchez

I LOVE Shorty's. They have the best ribs in all the South. Yum!

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