Simpsons Top Secret Food Blog Photo Leaked (Photo)

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The Three Mouthkeeters break bread with bloggers
Last night's Simpson's episode, "The Food Wife", had Marge, Lisa, and Bart blogging about food (including the best places to eat in Springfield).

The episode was jam-packed with foodie references, including a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it sequence where almost every chef in the world is bouncing around in Singapore -- from Mario Batali to Guy Fieri to the Swedish Chef.

We also loved Lisa Simpson's list of cutest vegetarians, which included Paul McCartney, Russell Brand, and Edward Cullen (Twilight's dreamy vegetarian vampire).

If you want to follow the Three Mouthketeers, by the way, they're on Twitter @The3Mouthketeers.

Simpsons' executive producer, who's been known to tweet inside information, insights, and outtakes, didn't disappoint us.

Among a few of his tweets for the evening:

  • Since Lisa is vegetarian they subbed in Kale 100 Ways. (Had to cut explanation for time)
  • Lisa gives some love to Sir Paul tonight on The Simpsons. (And don't worry, she never eats meat.)

Selman also retweeted a message from Food Network host Alton Brown (who was one of the only food celebrities not featured in the episode):

  • The Simpsons are dead to me.

Best of all, Selman tweeted a top secret picture of a deleted scene from the food blogger episode, in which Homer takes adventurous eating one step too far:

Matt Selman, via Twitter
Homer eats rhino brains with Anthony Bourdain in this Simpsons deleted scene.
simpsons lisa cutest vegetarians.jpg
Matt Selman, via Twitter
Lisa's list of cutest vegetarians.
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