Anthony Bourdain's The Layover: He's In Miami, Bitch (Sneak Peek)

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Laine Doss
Anthony Bourdain's in Miami (finally).
Anthony Bourdain filmed The Layover in Miami over the summer, and we've been dying to find out exactly what he did in the Magic City. He definitely went to some food trucks, stayed at the Raleigh Hotel, cruised on a boat, visited Blue Piano, and ate Colombianos, but everything was so top secret.

Well, we don't have to wait much longer, because the Miami edition of The Layover will air Monday, December 12. The Travel Channel was even nice enough to give us a preview in pictures. See for yourself where Tony went.

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The Travel Channel
Anthony Bourdain waits to get inked at Love Hate.

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The Travel Channel
Bourdain's on a boat, bitch -- with Michael Schwartz.

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The Travel Channel
Tony and tattoo artist Chris Garver have a snack at Garcia's Seafood Grill and Fish Market.

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Dim Ssam A Gogo

Various Locations/Food Truck, Miami, FL

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I managed to head down to Miami from Jersey to escape the cold, and have to say, Bourdain's recommendations were spot on. The Deuce bar, The Playwright bar, The River, Pubbelly as well as Puerta Segua restaurants were all phenomenal. I did not release my inner douche (Bourdain's words) by renting a red 'Vette however, nor did I get inked. I did stay at the Dream South Beach which was excellent, so I didn't need a car to get around, or a tat, for that matter.I did however, have a great time and stayed away from the SoBe tourist traps on Ocean Ave., with the exception of The News (It was a great vantage point to people watch from the bar there). I detect a somewhat snarky undercurrent to your reviews on his shows, which is fine as it makes your column quite interesting reading. I feel Bourdain did a great service to the tourists, like me, as well as Miami, to present a different side of Miami and South Beach I would have never found otherwise. I would happily return and blow all of my cash again. Who knows,maybe a 'Vette and a tat are in my future, after all.      


Looking forward to his brand of wit and observation

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