Bacon Stocking Stuffers: Ten Gifts Under $20

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Bacon makes the perfect gift for kids of all ages.
Christmas is right around the corner and you're on a mission to find a gift for the bacon lover in your life.

Sure you could go to the grocer and buy a package of meat, but why not be creative and get him or her something that requires some serious thought (plus the great taste of bacon).

We've compiled a list of ten pork-related gifts, all under $20.

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10. Bacon syrup
If your loved one enjoys flavored lattes with their bacon and eggs but just doesn't have the time for a sit-down breakfast, why not give them Torani's bacon flavored syrup? Now your favorite Type-A personality can enjoy the great taste of bacon in their to-go cappuccino. $6.95 at

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9 . Bacon Toothpicks
Ever go out with your favorite bacon lover only to watch them try to pry some piggy remnants from their back molar? These bacon toothpicks are a thoughtful gift. Instead of mint, your favorite carnivore can get their teeth clean with the fresh scent of bacon. $1.68 at

bacon deltal floss.jpg
8. Bacon Dental Floss
Show a loved one you're concerned about their dental health and their love of bacon with this bacon-flavored floss. Also perfect for tying a ham before roasting. $3.99 at

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