Bee Heaven's Seventh Annual Farm Day Recap

Anaïs Alexandre
Relaxing in the sunshine, with plenty of food and music
Bee Heaven opened its doors to the public yesterday for its annual Farm Day. This year, they hosted food trucks (Dim Ssam a Gogo and the Real Sorbet Cart) to the crowds on their beautiful property.

Anaïs Alexandre
Tasty bao.
Anaïs Alexandre
Loving the fact that they used Bee Heaven produce to inspire their flavors!
Guests could visit the Barn, which was bustling with customers looking to purchase fresh produce. The prices were great and the taste even better.

Anaïs Alexandre
Can't go to Bee Heaven and not get honey.
Anaïs Alexandre
Verdant Wonderland
And if the food trucks, ice cream, music and produce weren't enough for you, they even offered hay ride, with the owner Margie of Bee Heaven behind the wheel.

Anaïs Alexandre
Owner Margie leading the way for her guests.
Bee Heaven Farm
17998 SW 264th St., Homestead

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