BurgerKing.xxx: No Porn For You!

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Last week on December 6 when the new .xxx internet domain meant for pornographic websites went on sale to the general public, non-porno companies and universities rushed to buy up their .xxx equivalents out of fear that promising smut peddlers would cash in by using their brand image with the new domain extension.

Burger King bought the website burgerking.xxx to prevent its blessed name from being associated with an unsavory activity.

"As of December 6, 2011, Burger King Corp. (BKC) owns the rights to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) burgerking.xxx after purchasing it from ICANN via our Domain Name Registrant Company, CSC," said a Burger King spokesperson in an issued statement yesterday.

The company would not reveal how much it paid for the domain, although the Associated Press reports that the University of Kansas spent nearly $3,000 to clinch a plethora of KU-related .xxx sites such as KUgirls.xxx and KUnurses.xxx, even though they do not resolve into any web page.

Many of the world's largest companies already secured their .xxx domains, even Google, which reportedly bought the domain YouTube.xxx and Blogspot.xxx, among others, last week.

If a company bought a .xxx domain with the purpose of locking it down from anyone else, the website will most likely say, "This domain has been reserved from registration."

Stuart Lawley, the man behind making the new domains possible, is the owner of ICM Registry, a Jupiter-based company that issues the .xxx domains.

Burger King has no plans on using the new website.

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