Dinner in Paradise: A Photo Recap and Chef Heavyweights

Oyster Hors D'Ouevers.JPG
Anaïs Alexandre
Oyster hors d'ouevres
Paradise Farms in Homestead hosts a series of dinners (and now brunches and learning lunches too!) every year around December. Short Order attended the first Dinner in Paradise of the new season. The chefs du jour were Chef Frederick Delaire, Chef Jason Prevatt of Loews Miami, Chef Jacob Anaya, Chef Bradley Kilgore, Chef Joel Huff of Azul, and Chef William Crandall. We started off the evening with a half-hour farm tour led by farm owner Gabriele Marewski.

Paradise Farm Tour.JPG
Anaïs Alexandre
Paradise Farm Tour
And the first course was a tuna Niçoise, with a trio of tuna with Paradise Farms greens, Homestead organic green beans, dehydrated olive soil and meyer lemon gelatin. The dish was complex in flavor and textures.

Tuna Nicois.JPG
Anaïs Alexandre
Tuna Niçoise
Then we tried a Triggerfish ceviche with Teena's Pride Heirloom tomatoes that we had a lot of fun putting together. They gave us all our ingredients so we could customize our dish, which was spicy with ginger and all-around a bright tasting course.

Triggerfish Ceviche.JPG
Anaïs Alexandre
Triggerfish Ceviche

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Paradise Farms

19801 SW 320th St., Homestead, FL

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