LoKal Celebrates Saturday Grand Opening With a Week of Free Beer

Branded and certified: Good, clean eatin'
Coconut Grove's soon-to-be new baby, LoKal, is opening its doors this Saturday, with free beer all week to celebrate. Matthew Kuscher's adamant goal is to stay as local as it gets -- and that includes everything from grass-fed Florida beef, local dairies, to of course, local beers. Kuscher's team doesn't stop there, though.

First, more on his locavore team: Kansas-born-turned-Florida native Alberto Collado will be leading the back of the house as their certified Burger Master. David Rodriguez will be there daily as the beer guru -- tasting, talking and reading all about new local brews. Finally, Kuscher's wife, Priscilla, will be his right-hand woman. Trained in nutrition and dietetics, Priscilla's knowledge will benefit the beer and burger joint greatly (who said burgers and beer can't be good for you, anyway?).

Kuscher's Saturday opening will not only showcase the clean bites, but also have a small retail area where munchers can come in and buy local art, crafts, and apparel in the same spot. The concept of eating where you shop sounds slightly mall-food-court-esque but, as a small, sustainable joint who sells sustainable, local products, the difference really couldn't be greater.

"I would love to see LoKal be that cool, easy, relaxed place where everyone can come together and chill with great food and beer," Kuscher says. With all the local edibles and inedibles and sustainability to boot, "[they'd] still be able to feel really good about where they are and what they're eating."

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LoKal Burgers & Beer

3190 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL

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Oh Beast, Lokal will be sending free burgers your way don't you worry!


Here is a bullet Momo


If I hear the word "sustain" in ANY form one more f'in time I am going to shoot myself! ENOUGH ALREADY WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE!

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