Shmaltz Brewing and Jewbelation: A Hanukkah Beer Contest

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Courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook
In case you are unaware of the current trend, American craft beers are now receiving the attention they deserve. I suppose it makes sense that if the U.S. melting pot is going to be making beer, there will literally be something for everyone. Representing the chosen people, we have Shmaltz Brewing Company. Their He'Brew Beer has been brewing for fifteen years and to mark the anniversary, they have released "Limited-Edition Extreme Offerings," and want you to drink it down, and then make a menorah out of it.

So, what happens to Jew-brew when it goes "extreme?" Well, the "Genesis 15:15" (yes, it's really called that, relates to something about dying in peace at a "good old age," had to look it up, obviously) has an impressive ABV (alcohol by volume) of 13.4%. The "Jewbelation 15" takes its' name seriously, this "anniversary ale" involves 15 malts, 15 hops and features an ABV of 15%. So basically, Zayde will be drunk after his first beer.

They are selling a holiday pack of eight brews for the eight nights of Hanukkah, and giving you the opportunity to recycle your consumption in the form of a beer menorah. From the "Messiah Bold" (picture his arrival in a superhero cape) to the "Hop Manna IPA" (I bet if it rained beer instead of bread, they would have been lost in the desert way more than 40 years), you'll get a varied selection of Hanukkah friendly craft brews with awesome names that I could go on about forever. How to win a prize?

Build a beer menorah and send in your images to Need some inspiration? Check out last year's submissions and winners. "Delicious shtick" included, L'Chaim!

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