Perfecting the Pubbelly Crawl With Help From Andreas Schreiner

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Don't fill your belly up with pork too early...
On a recent random night, as we were making complete pigs out of ourselves at Pubbelly from start to finish, Andreas Schreiner, the resto's managing partner, came over and tipped us off that all the cool kids are doing what has been known on the street as the "Pubbelly crawl." What? We weren't "in the know?" Tragic. Inquiring minds had to immediately unearth what this trend was all about.

In a nutshell, it's a great way to justify the surprisingly high cost for the valet covering all three of the neighboring venues in South Beach's Sunset Harbor, while partaking in a little sampling of the greatest hits at Barceloneta, Pubbelly, and Pubbelly Sushi, all in a row.

Here's how Schreiner says the tuned-in cats prowl:

"People tend to start of at Pubbelly Sushi with some sushi rolls or snacks and a few glasses of sake and beer. The most popular items are the big eye tuna and crispy rice and the yellow tail roll. Guests normally spend about $20 to 30. Then they would stop at Pubbelly for porktastic items like the dumplings, pork belly or dates, and a few glasses of wine. They spend approximately the same [amount of money]. Then they tend to finish the night at Barceloneta with a few cocktails and dessert."

Roll over to Pubbelly Sushi after you hit Barceloneta
But then he added, "Many are also doing it the other way around, starting at Barceloneta with charcuterie and gin and tonics and working their way to sushi, and then finishing off at the gastropub for pork, beer, and rock and roll.

For a great night of crawling, drinking and a very full belly you can budget around $50 to $70 per person, depending on the type of alcohol consumed."

The octopus at Pubbelly (pictured) is grand, but get it at Barceloneta beforehand...
We suggest going at it the way of Schreiner's alternative route, starting with a sangria ($23 per pitcher) or gin and tonics ($12-$14 each) at Barceloneta and some charcuterie ($5-$18) and perhaps the octopus ($15); then moving over to Pubbelly Sushi for any of the rolls Schreiner suggested ($12-$13) or the hamachi jalapeño sashimi ($15); then finishing at Pubbelly with the kimchee fried rice ($18), pork belly with butterscotch miso ($15) -- you had to get pork belly at some point, you know -- and the short rib tartare ($14) or the pastrami and sauerkraut dumplings ($10, if you still have the constitution).

Finish the night off with a scoop of the soft-serve ice cream du jour ($5) at Pubbelly 'cause, let's face it, you won't be able to chew anything else, and you, our friend, will have earned your car keys back.

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Couldent agree more with all of you , these three tourist traps could only make it here in miami were nobody knows mielda about food.  try going to NY " pubelly group" wht a joke. im sure David Chang would lol if he saw these puertoricans copying his food.  ajajajajajaja


way overpriced.  spent $100 me and my partner for lunch at pubbelly sushi. we didnt even had drinks. the food is ok..  is not incredible.  good ambiance..

try yakko san for better food and much less expensive!


How many free meals to do this write up?  The original Pubbelly is still great, the newcomers to their little empire fall flat in my opinion; overpriced and overrated.

What up z-force?!




The order in which you spend your money does not matter, only that you spend it.


FYI, Momo, none of the meals I ate were gratis. Not even a single app. As always, I disclose such details if I am given freebies.

Gotta say, I really, really enjoyed Pubbelly. Barceloneta was my least fave, though, which is why I felt that was the place to go heavy on drinks and light on eats.

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